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  1. matt is fast at resolving issues and is great with customer service . i will buy from him again soon
  2. hey man you got the pic of the big cat ???????? congrats !

  3. bill , would you happen to have a alarm that you no longer need that you can sell at a good price ? one of my alarms is slowly trying to go out on me . thanks , jesse

  4. good motning bill . i am ready to buy motr hooks . this time i will need 100 . i can send the money thru paypal as soon as you tell me they are available . my adress is 2602 quinto dr . dallas ,tx . 75227 thank you sir , jesse

  5. oh my sounds like they were quite more expensive than i realized . that translates into 9 hundred and some odd dollars new. realistically i woulnt be able to afford that money . thanks alot for your time sir ...... jesse

  6. i was wondering how much and do you have pics of them ? how old are they ? were they bought new ? did you upgrade ? right now i have a delk , a snake , and bfs alrm lol . are those carpsounders german made ??? thank you sir . ( wont be able to read response till tommorrow eve late . have a good one sir

  7. hi bill , do you still have some of the hooks left that i bought from you before ? or know where i could similarly priced hooks ? thanks in advance , jesse

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