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  1. Are you selling those alarms? I am interested 

  2. Hello Pete,

    hope you don't mind the random message but I was after some information about Lake Marburg or the surround area. 

    Im coming over for a family wedding and I'm turning into an excuse to go carping for two weeks in America. 

    As hard as I've tried, I've only found basic info on the fishing in the area, I'm staying in New Freedom PA, and I'm starting to ask any poor soul I can find and bother for anything worth casting a line at haha

    a lot of people say the average stamp of carp are pretty low for Marburg but your 30 hopefully proves there's a few boxes ones to be had. 


    Any basic info on what depths I should be looking for or areas to start off in would be a great help. I'm flying over in two weeks so it's a last ditch attempt before going in blind as a bat lol  Cheers 

  3. Hi I am on a long term assignment to KC and live in leawood, fishing gear arrived last week , if you get out over any weekend let me know will try to join if not traveling.


    take care 



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  5. Due to the excessive bidding we are extending to 830 final offers only
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  7. Should that be net of shipping or gross and payback if shipping is refunded?
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