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  1. Jathan

    CCC 2015?

    How about Joilet Illinois on the Des Plaines River. The CCC was held there a few times before a long time ago. Centrally located, awesome venue, quick bite and a chance at decent fish.
  2. @Dave Mull Darren won the big fish. I believe it was a 27.4 if I remember correctly. Austin won the total weight. Pegs looked to be roughly 30 to 35 yards apart.
  3. Despite the wind and it being a little chilly, fish were caught and I had an absolute great time up there this weekend fishing with everyone and especially the Michigan guys. You guys really know how to make a person feel like your part of the crew. The Wooden Shoe has become one of my favorite events that I look forward to fishing each year and I cant wait for next year!! A big thanks goes out to Brandon for stepping up at the last minute and running this. A lot of time, effort and planning goes into running an event like this and it was extremely well ran and put together for a last minute d
  4. Totally awesome! Definitely going to make this one. I spent a week up there when I fished the CAWC. Beautiful venue and scenery. Does anyone know if its just going to be located in the Waddington area or are there going to be other areas pegged out as well?
  5. Sounds like were going to have a good time this year.
  6. As originally posted on Indiana Carptalk by Jim Donlan::: Adam Jenkins was found dead last night. He was a kind, generous and helpful person. He was one of my best friends.He was an avid carp fisherman and served as CAG State Chair for a while. He will be missed by all of us. As of now the family has no plans to have a funeral. I was planning to have a wake / Memorial service for him in the Sportsman's Hall on Friday Night at 8:00 pm. Please stop by and share some stories nd celebrate the life of a great guy. If you have any photos of him please bring them along. His Dog Otis will be there.
  7. Evidently not Steve. But I'm sure if we were there Indiana would be in the lead.
  8. Way to go Team Indiana!!!! Kick some MI booty tomorrow!
  9. After having the Jeep crammed packed full of gear and ready to go when I got home from work today. I am unfortunately not going to make it up there for this. My plans of fishing this event and getting to hang out with the Michigan crew again and the rest of you guys was put to an abrupt halt courtesy of my employer deciding to mail paychecks out this week instead of delivering them to the jobsite I'm working on like normal. So I'm sidelined till I get my dough in the mail.
  10. Hmmm there was one Indiana guy that came out ahead of you last weekend and hauled some fish.
  11. You will be getting a pm from me Magdalena. Gotta get some of that new corn and those flouro pop ups.
  12. Whats the weather outlook for up there this weekend? Trying to figure out what to pack?
  13. If I had the extra cash I would lay a bet down on Team Indiana in a heartbeat. We will have no problem walkn the walk and catching fish. Sorry to all the rest of the states in advanced this will be like taking candy from a bunch of babies!!!!!
  14. Id say just stick with the traveling trophy and trophys for the winners. Then maybe a medal or a pin for participation in the event for the rest of teams. Afterall it is the Midwest Regionals and winner takes all especially the bragging rights.
  15. Thanks Daniel. I'll have to start looking around for either a teloscopic handle or I think BCT carries a 10 foot one pretty cheap.
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