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  1. Dave, could you please remove me from the list. I will be taking my girls to Disney at that time. Thanks.
  2. Your abf 50 will be just fine on a 12' rod. iv'e not used either one of those rods but, have not heard of any negatives either. Some good hooks,couple bank sticks,and a net would be a good start before you purchase all kinds of goodies. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Happy Holidays!
  4. Congrats Ray! Nice captures. What methods did you use to catch your fish?
  5. Check into the Port of Monroe. I have never had time to scout it out, but there is a public fishing site. I don't know if it has opening and closing dates but it is on the warm water discharge.
  6. Were you able to throw pack/method with the extricators? Not talking huge amounts or nothing, but any?
  7. Thanks fella's i'm not really set on the above mentioned, just looking into shorter rods to make netting easier. The chub rods do seem to get a lot of praise.
  8. Wondering if anyone would have some input on either. Shimano Tribal 9' stalker 3lb. Wychwood extricator 9'. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Great job! Too cold for me, i'm done till next spring.
  10. Used to do a lot of walleye fishing on Lake Erie. The pictures make me wish i never sold my boat. Great catches especially that muskie.
  11. I think the CAG store has bait containers.
  12. Note to self, this is a forum of sharing and learning. Austin you have my word that i will start posting and sharing my catches. I had a great time as always getting schooled by you fellas on the bank. Hopefully we get a couple more sessions in before winter. Also my arms and ears are sore from netting your fish and listening to Pearcy's alarms all day.
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