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  1. Of course, you’re right about the stringer. You aren’t the first person to bust my chops on that one. On the gill-holding remark, there is room for debate on that - especially since I am not holding the gills. I am placing fingers under the gill covers, probably rubbing off less slime than those who hold the carp horizonally with bare hands (that would be you, right?) It is a bit curious that you didn’t care to offer an answer to my question, but seized the opportunity to criticize. Most in the brotherhood of fisherman are more congenial than that.
  2. My son has gone carp fishing with me several times. Poor dude never caught anything. I wanted to go with him Saturday but the river level is very high. Good or Bad? The best spot I've found locally for carp fishing is on the Des Plaines river. There is a channel in the middle that almost always gets me something. Sometimes several. I really want him to get something. But it has rained recently and the water level is up over the banks and the flow is pretty strong. QUESTION: Is that good or bad? Quick opinions appreciated. I need to decide whether to call it off or try somewhere else i
  3. Went to Charlotte. Fished the Catawba river one morning. Got a 16 pounder. My guess is that this is a grass carp. I have not caught one before. Is that what it is? Picture attached.
  4. Did you find the paylaking article online? If so, where? I googled it and didn't find it.
  5. I'll be visiting Charlotte for a few days in October and might have a few hours to toss a hook in the water. Suggestions on where to go would be appreciated. A quick look at google maps shows the river west of Charlotte (is that the Catawba?) looks promising. I see a boat ramp at highway 74 on the west bank that is very accessible and might be a possibility, though I doubt that it is a public ramp and I don't know about parking there.
  6. The 2011 rules said a fishing license was required. I also saw that on another CAG forum thread about this year's tounament. I'm wondering.... has anybody ever heard of a carp tournament contestant ever being challenged by DNR for a fishing license? I realize it would be inappropriate to advise someone not to bother with one, but seriously, has it ever happenned?
  7. Thanks for the link. Looks great. I think I posted a reply on the wrong thread. That answers most of my questions. I'll be there. I would, however, like to see the official rules. I don't see them anywhere. Here is what I was able to find for CCC 2011. They seem pretty much the same as the 2012 rules (except for the starting time) which I don't remember or have stashed anywhere. Here is what I found. Anybody have a list of the 2013 rules? 2011 Chicago Carp Classic Rules: Match runs from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturday, September 10, 2011. ? You must be a paid-up member of the Carp
  8. Jim, Thanks for the pictures and the added detail. That helps a lot. That only leaves a list of rules. I assume there is a list of them somewhere. # rods. # hooks per rod. Hook requirements (required and disallowed). Net handling. Whatever. I really don't want to come all set to fish and find out that I need to make adjustments. I want to be prepared.
  9. I have looked at the CCC website and this forum for some detail on the event. I sure would like to have a bit more information. Is there a map of the Venue? My assumption is that it would be on the river across the street from the baitshop. But it looks (on google maps satelite) like the river is lined with bushes. So I'm not sure. I plan on coming but I will need to plan. Does the venue extend beyond the two bridges? How big is it? I don't see a list of rules. Can somebody please post the rules? What's allowed? What's not allowed? The site says the bivvy town is in the field nea
  10. Never heard of a bivvy. What is a bivvy? What is a bivvy town?
  11. Shorefisher

    Ccc Venue

    It was a beautiful day out there. Very enjoyable. HOWEVER. Next year it might not be a beautiful day. This year a few pegs at the ends (nearest the harbor and farthest away) landed some fish. The other 45 or 50 pegs in the middle did pretty much zilch. From what I hear, the story was pretty much the same last year. If we change venue next year I'll likely be there (beautiful day or not). If we do Montrose Harbor again, I won't.
  12. I have 6 questions on the CCC 1. CCC web site says peg draw is a 6:30 but doesn't say where. I assume it's at the harbor, but that covers a lot of ground. Just look for a bunch of people and go there? 2. Fishing starts at 8 am. Does everyone just keep an eye on their watch, or is there a signal of some sort? 3. Is it allowed for one fisherman to help another land a fish? The water is 6 feet down. Netting your own fish could be a challenge, especially if it's 20+. There are some monsters in Lake Michigan. 4. Is taking some sounding casts without a hook allowed before 8am to scope out
  13. There is a fair amount of carp-specific jargon in this thread. Does CAG or other site have a carp glossary to look these up? Specifically, I am missing the meaning of Method balls Hooklink safety lead clip nose rubber I'm sure I could search the forum for each of these and eventually find out what they are, but that would take a lot of time.
  14. Got it. Thanks. Most of it is pretty clear. I have not attended a carp competition so I'm a little vague on the weighing and recording process. The rules say there will be stewards to help with slings and scales and that they must witness and verify. I've noticed that carp don't last long out of water. So when I catch a fish and land it, what is the procedure? Put it on a stringer and flag down a steward? Something else? As for parking, I see that there is "parking all along the venue." Does that refer to Montrose Dr. between the lake and the harbor? Is there enough parking the
  15. Yes, I'm stupid and didn't see the link right in front of me. But I keep seeing comments on past CCC's and promises to show up this year, but I can't find the details: Where is it going to be (yes, Chicago. I'm looking for something a bit more specific)? Who do you pay? What are the Rules? Where do you show up? What is allowed/disallowed?
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