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  1. Thank you, I may wait till mid-sept.If anyone would be interested, that would be great
  2. cant anyone give me any hints on locations to fish, best place to stay ? Thinking bout red mill inn.
  3. A little follow up. Caught 3 carp [ two where very nice] in early Dec. fishing deeper then usual. Wonder if that was the key
  4. fist season, using oakmeal/ cream corn mix for chum, canned corn for hookbait on #4 circle hooks, caught 102 carp from 7/12-10/28 along with 153cats fishing hudson river in troy
  5. Has anyone been fishing, last carp I caught was 10/26. Nothing sinse
  6. oct 28th, anyone ib ny catching

  7. Fisherman named Brian,milkcrate, fished decades for trout, panfish, steelhead and smallmouth. Last July watched a couple men fishing for carp on different occations in Green Island, Rick handed me a rod and a carper was born. 100 carp and 153 cats sinse then. Need guildence but progress not perfection. Fish the Hudson almost daily.Things seem to have slowed down recently.Using old steelhead gear.
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