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  1. I would say short to be from 3" to 6" Medium 6"to 12" & long to be 12" to ?? to be long, i generally fish the same way as you as i use shorter rigs in winter vs the summer months because the fish are more likely to be moving around in the summer months. Most of my fishing is done with a rig between 6" to 12" (6"winter, 12"summer) Shortest rig i ever tied & caught on 3" (popped up directly on a 3oz lead) & i guess longest technically would have to be about 12' (fly leader) but other than that floater fishing i use 4'of hooklink if fishing at range but actual rigs? i think i tied a 2
  2. Fantastic catch John. Congrats to all that broke their PB's Looking forward to some more pioneering spirit from Colorado here real soon
  3. Man this event is going to smply KICK ASS! 80+ carp anglers unite in North America. This has to set some kind of record???
  4. Hear that Mich!! We will be bringing our A game no matter what, so expect a battle!!
  5. Have bought a few different flavors of boilles from Matt & i REALY like the look of these baits. Picking up another order when Matt arrives at EH this coming week & I m super confident that these baits are going to catch me a LOT of fish this year Will keep you all posted on my catches as they happen.
  6. Shawn can you bring some Morels with you??
  7. Damn it! I knew i should have come out with you guys. Congrats everyone & looking forward to the report from tomorrow.
  8. What can i say? i live in a retarded,simple & backward part of Ohio.
  9. in their infinate wisdom somehow my bank thought it worthy of waiting for the refund first. All woman at the bank..........just sayin!
  10. Hit twice more while waiting for the refund on the first! more dating site withdrawals! The card is now dust
  11. My apologies Robert, I guess I misread your post
  12. Great story/history & pics Bob. Thanks for posting that.
  13. Just as an idea, considering July & August can be hotter than hell, maybe we can make it a stalking event, wherever we end up going???
  14. All sounds great to me. Just hope i can make as many of them as poss. I would love to see an event around Toledo/Maumee as Ak says, but am happy to go with whatever is decided. Some of your suggestions sound great also Scott
  15. I see it as 12 pages of support for those that have been hit!............NOT CRAP!!!! You are lucky not to have been hit, & i agree, i don't think this is a carp or CAG based problem.
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