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  1. Hi, are you still in MN?

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    2. (MN) chayathecat

      (MN) chayathecat

      Not sure if there are new openings. You can go the Kewaunee tournament facebook page and ask. Lee is the organizer.

      I will organize some fish ins this sprint/fall so hopefully you can join us. Hows' the fishing near Rochester? Any good spots for larger fish? We are always looking to find new places to get people together.



    3. Bold2013


      lake zumbro 15 mins north of Rochester has big fish potential. (Fish carp out of it was 21.5 and smallest over 10) it has a nice shore location at fishermans in  for probably 3-6 guys right next to a parking lot, bathroom, and restraunt. I know it has an additional shore access from the dam but I havnt check that out yet. 


      My my goal is to prebait the fisherman inn area for CAG big 4

    4. (MN) chayathecat

      (MN) chayathecat

      Interesting. We should talk in spring. We've caught quite a few few 20's last year but still looking for the elusive MN 30 :-)

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