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  1. CanAm 2018 will take place in Long Sault, Ontario 1- 3 September. We will have access to new swims in Long Sault and Bird Sanctuary ,from 2018 this area is the main venue for the WORLD CARP CLASSIC qualifications in Canada . The park authority will build swims like in UK ,with easy access , close parking . Peg draw will take place at O'NEILLS pub in Long Sault August 31 at 8 PM . Competition start Saturday 1 September at 7 AM and end Monday September 3 at noon . End of tournament ceremony will take place at O'Neill's pub 13 PM. RULES: Basic rules are the same as in the past. One member of Team USA and one member of team Canada will be pegged together. They will net each other's fish, check the weight of each other's fish and update each others score sheet. Point system: Carp under 10 lbs - 1 point Carp 10 to 19 lbs - 2 points Carp 20 to 29 lbs - 5 points Carp 30 - 39 lbs - 10 points Carp 40 and over - 15 points Mirror Carp - add 1 extra point Koi - add 2 extra points The team with the highest total points wins the event and gets to keep the trophy until the next year! Actual fishing rules / as per Ontario Law: - One (1) rod & one (1) hook - Spod rods and marker floats are allowed Pre-baiting your swim will be permitted after the peg draw . Accsess to the swims to set up - SATURDAY 5 AM . NO CAMPING ON THE SWIMS SATURDAY NIGHT ! Fish on can be played outside of your peg zone but out of respect please make every effort to keep them inside your own zone and land them!
  2. Vali call when you have a chance


    Bob 315 323-4632

  3. More info and pictures here - https://www.facebook.com/canam2016/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
  4. Can Am 2016 ,in Long Sault park . Canada win with 141 points vs 135 for USA first place -Vali Pavaloaia -35 pt. second place - Kristian Green -33 pt. third pla...ce Cristhoper Ortiz -26 pt . Big fish 25.08 pd. - Len Perdic Big thank you to SIMON STEWART FROM Carp Kit , Len Perdic from Shimano Canada , SPA DIVA MONTREAL , Euro Fishing , Evolution Carp Tackle ,Parks of the St. Lawrence - Long Sault, our sponsors and supporters. Very big thank you to all the participants ,see you next year in USA .
  5. Sorry ,but we are done on registrations for the Canada team .
  6. From what we have now , looks like our American friends are a very thin team . 1 - Bob Giordano 2- Al Cole 3- Matt Conger 4- Steve Conger 5- Adrian Bogdan C mon guys ,we have close to 1000.00 dollars in prizes ,four very big trophies , and hope to share it with USA team .
  7. Hi Bob ,do you have the names of the anglers that will come to the CanAm ? On the CAG site is just you and 2 more ,are you guys coming or not ?

  8. Hi Bob ,this is the final list with Canadian participants at CanAm ,please let me know who is coming from USA .Thank you .Vali .

                 1- Vali Pavaloaia
                 2- Len Perdic
                 3- Simon Stewart
                 4- Andrew Walker
                 5- Phil Tabry 
                 6- Dominic Pageau
                 7- Andrzej Tyminiewski
                 8 -Martin Lavigne
                 9- Nick Tietjen
                10- Michel Dumont
                11- Jason Morton
                12- Justin Lamare
                13- Christopher Ortiz
                14- Shawn Izmagik
                15- Ryan Leyland 
                16- Didier Duboise . 

  9. CanAm 2016- Canada final list of participants 1- Vali Pavaloaia 2- Len Perdic 3- Simon Stewart 4- Andrew Walker 5- Phil Tabry 6- Dominic Pageau 7- Andrzej Tyminiewski 8 -Martin Lavigne 9- Nick Tietjen 10- Michel Dumont 11- Jason Morton 12- Justin Lamare 13- Christopher Ortiz 14- Shawn Izmagik 15- Ryan Leyland 16- Didier Duboise .
  10. Simon Stewart from Carp Kit International and Len Perdic from Shimano Canada come in as sponsors on 2016 CanAm , same really great stuff from Shimano ,Cygnet ,Trraker and more ,thank you very much .
  11. Hi guys ,the Can Am is just a few weeks from now ,please let me know how is coming 100 % .the camping fee is 50 dollars ,I have to pay for it and do not want to loose money .I will collect from everybody on the peg draw .Thank you .
  12. The peg draw will take place Thursday 4 August 7 pm. at O Neill s pub ,is on the opposite site of the gas station in Long Sault , was before The Grumpyes.
  13. The park manager in Long Sault give us a very good deal for the CanAm - 50 dollars for the 3 days . The deal is seal ,5-7 August in Long Sault - the best carp fishing in the world .
  14. Hi guys we have a Facebook page for the 2016 CANAM - https://www.facebook.com/canam2016/
  15. CANADA 1- Vali Pavaloaia 2- Len Perdic 3- Shawn Izmagik 4- Martin Lavigne 5- Michel Dumont 6- Louis-Philip Joseph Lortie 7- Mikey Eholzer 8-Sarah Graves 9- Randy Estabrooks 10- Andrzej Tyminiewski 11-Carp Kit -SIMON STEWART 12- Todd Beckstead 13-Dominic Pageau 14-Didier Dubois 15-Justin Lamare 16-Jason Morton 17-Jesse Gallant 18-Phil Tabry 19-Andrew Walker 20-Roger Holton 21-Nick Tietjen 22-Willow Love Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry Comment
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