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  1. Yea I'd have to say Nash ain't that helpful with replacement parts myself
  2. He has a good sale going on right now as well as a lot of buy one get one deals I just got some stuff its worth checking out thanks Dennis great service as usual
  3. Does cag have a auto draft for renewals reason asking is I had a draft pulled threw PayPal for 25.00 and it said cag if so how do I turn that off
  4. Hey got a quick ? How do I know when my membership is up and how long if there is a time limit is it to renew
  5. Great to hear glad it went well and welcome back
  6. man u going to need ur rest everything will be fine ur health comes first best of luck bud
  7. I've been trying to post pics off my phone is it possible cause I can't do it says it to large any suggestions or help thanks
  8. KM MN MN MN mm vl BBC MN MN b MN . MN g..g MN MN MN vv BBB VB MN MN o M M mlk n.bb mi l NBC mm loo inn ng MN BBB NJ mm n LLC l lb NBC lol VB. BBB l MN l NM g ml N MN . . .. .MN mm mom.MN NH bcc N.bb MGM n Nb Q Bqbq.bb b Bqb Q.b B NB NV n .B.C. Q B.bb Q.bb q B.C. BBB VB c app qty q B Q.+ BBB VB BBC v BBB BBB NV BBC Bn d N BB .vc.b Q c C Vc BBC NBC BBC BBC - - c CV q BBB No BBB car. BBB BBC Bc BBC , V vs - BBC VCRs BBC x . Vc C . X.BBC NV Q q.v. w . Qb q, qvn B B .q be BBB q nqbq Bcc N no bqq Q AC qb Bn
  9. I got a new phone and was wondering how to get the icon back on my phone it just made it so much easier
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