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  1. I thought nobody was allowed to post prices outside the Comm Corner.
  2. There is not really a "rule" addressing this. An occaisional pic of an item or two is fine. However, we'd rather not see a pictoral catalog online. It would be best to provide a link to your web page where interested parties could go and hopefully buy the item. Just use descretion. If a particular item is being highlighted, then a graphic is helpful and OK.
  3. guys - We are looking for ways to offer CAG merch through a wide variety of vendors. Plus, we are working on something to provide merchandise independtly. Give us time and ideas. Our objective is to treat all of our fine CAG BIZ Supporters equitably. Discussion via PM's please.
  4. Welcome aboard Scorpion Tackle . Looking forward to seeing the seleciton.
  5. Yes Richard, best wishes in your new endeavor. Dear fellow Admins: With the new category of CAG BIZ Supporter, we are trying to keep this Commercial Corner open to posting by the CAG BIZ Supporters. Announcements like Richards or sales, offers and the like can become quickly buried under an avalanche of replies, so please direct feedback either via PM OR in any other relavant section of the forum. Thanks for understanding... and yes, I realize I just broke the rule too
  6. Folks, the Board of Directors have adopted new, slightly higher, NACA advertising rates going forward. Please see the attached rate sheet. Contact Jerome Moisand if you have any questions or would like to purchase advertising space.
  7. Hello all - We are experimenting with a new approach to the Commercial Corner. I have created a new category titled "CAG BIZ Supporter" which truly describes the fine businesses which have often donated goods, money, or services to the betterment of CAG or who have purchased advertising space in our club newsletter the North American Carp Angler. One of the privledges of becoming a "CAG BIZ Supporter" is the ability to post product announcements, specials, etc. in the Commercial Corner section of the forum. All guests, members, CAG Members, etc. will continue to be able to view posts in the Commercial Corner, however, only CAG BIZ Supporters have the ability to make postings. In addition, we are relaxing the no pricing rules for the Commercial Corner section ONLY. If you are not yet a CAG BIZ Supporter, please contact the CAG Staff at your earliest convenience to discuss how you may join and participate in the program.
  8. Folks - If the bread companies don't advertise in the NACA then this thread belongs in the bait section rather than in the Comm Corner.
  9. Bill and Wayne - Best wishes on your continued success. Sorry I missed you on my latest trip to Morrisville. I actually stayed at the Red Roof in in Langhorne. I arrived late in the evening and left early the next day down to Wilmington. I have always appreciated your wonderful hospitality. Again, best wishes.
  10. I'm going to move this to the commercial section. If nothing else, it will preserve the right to move other similar posts in the future. Glad to hear the Wacker Alarms are working well. Which ones do you have?
  11. Mr Raduta organized the Romanian tournament. Tim is right, the promised prizes were not delivered. David Moore and I fished this tournament as well. Julian Campbell and Mike Winstone formed a third team. We were all very disappointed that the promised prizes were not paid to Tal and Tim. At the time we had zero leverage. Perhaps the ICFA should review the situation. It is ICFA's reputation which suffers when a sanctioned event doesn't deliver as promised. BTW, ACS had zero, zilch, nothing to do with the disputed event. ACS was not even in existance at the time. The powers that be in the international carping world seemed hesitant to press the issue, given that the event organizer controls a water known to have produced the world record carp. I suppose the reasoning was "don't piss him off, we might not get access to fish for the monsters." The whole thing reminds me of a joke I once heard. A farmer decides to sell his old mule. He reckon's it's worth $20. Instead, he sells raffel tickets at $1 each. The lucky farmer sells 100 raffel tickets. The day of the raffel comes and his neighbor wins the mule. The farmer promises to deliver in 1 week. Unfortunately, the mule dies! The neighbor is irate. The cagy farmer tells him not to worry, he's glad to refund his dollar! The point is, the winner doesn't get much support from the raffel losers because they have nothing to gain once they've lost the raffel. Best of luck Tim. I hope you and Tal get your $, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  12. Pete - Excellent point. The guys in question are NOT a reflection on Pay Lakers in any way. They are just a couple of bad apples. Likewise, certain Euro anglers are not a reflection of the whole. I think it is great that the bonds amongst all carpers on this forum have grown strong enough to withstand the occaisional exception. Long ago something like this would have been used as a wedge to drive us apart. Today we see it for what it is, a personal exception to the rule that carpers of all stripes are great folks. All the best, Brian
  13. Brian C., perhaps that had something to do with it. Maybe Jack Rowe showing up and hauling out an upper twenty withing viewing distance might of contributed as well?
  14. I'm sure Mr. Hill will recognize the items he forgot to return. After all, he had his young son along and I'm sure he only wants to set a good example for the young lad. Surely, he didn't mistakenly think that his entry fee was "payment" for the items lent.
  15. Buster - Congrats! I wish you the very best of success in this endeavor.
  16. Hi Paul - I'll take some of those FREE boilies. I assume you will pay the shipping as well???? Sorry, couldn't resist based on the title.
  17. I have to join the chorus of praise for Alex and Royal Carp. I've made more than a couple of orders, and every time the goods come quickly and in good condition. I had no problems redeeming my CAGI award coupons either. I am happy to recommend Royal Carp, especially the corn pellets, micro boilies, and Cinnaplex (Scopex) boilies.
  18. Hi all - I've split this topic into two. Most of the "price listing" discussion has been moved to a thread of that name. The Royal Carp combo looks like a great deal. I have also edited out specific price references in keeping with the current pricing policy. Referring to the cost as "a great deal" or "an awsome value" etc. is fine. Unless the rule is changed, though, we will equally apply the "no price listing" rule to ALL vendors. Please take any discussion of this decision over to the "Price Listing" thread. PS. I too am happy to see specialist carp tackle offered at a level which will hopefully encourage more people to try it out. Kudo's to Royal Carp.
  19. Hi All - As this section is restricted to NACA advertisers, I am open to the idea of allowing prices to be posted. The mods should talk it over as should the NACA advertisers. My original reason for requesting that prices not be stated was that we didn't want to turn the forum into a defacto price catalog. I guess I thought commercial concerns would enjoy directing people to their websites, phone numbers, points of sale, whatever. The policy is not a biased attempt to quiet one group or another. The private internet has long held a dim view of commercialization. In the past, as a moderator, I received complaints when various business concerns posted things like hooks 10 for a $1! I felt that creation of this section could lessen the friction between those who don't want to be bombarded with offers and those who are seeking pricing info. It also has the benefit of keeping the CAG forum out of legal disputes between buyers and sellers. Imagine, Joe Blow Tackle makes a typo and offers Shimano Thunnus for $29.99 instead of $299.99. Next thing you know their is a legal issue. Either from the disgruntled customer or an unpaid merchant. I'd rather not bother with that hassle. Right or wrong, the rule of No Prices is the rule. Keith graciously removed the price. If any other posts contain prices, point it out to a mod, and similar action will be taken. It's not a matter of favoritism or the opposite thereof. That's the straight scoop. It is rather amusing how quickly conspiracy theories develop over something so simple.
  20. Guys - There are needs at all segments of the market. I recall earlier posts bemoaning the fact that some prices were high. Now posts bemoaning less expensive gear. With all of the recent and not so recent carp gear retailers coming to the market, I am certain the various business concerns are looking for their market niche and strategies. If you are not in the market for a particular price point of tackle that's fine. No need to decry offers aimed at people who are looking.
  21. Hang in there Karl. Some folks wouldn't have bothered. You did and it would be amazing if something like that didn't affect you. Best wishes, Brian
  22. I wanted to add my thanks to Alex and RoyalCarp for the nice pod I won at the ATC. I usually use my Solar Sod Pod because it packs away in a nice small package. This past weekend though, I brought it along to Town Lake. It really save the day. We had to set up IN the water. There would have been no way I could have fished with the Sod Pod. Instead I was able to fish with the rods well out of the water and angled slight upward to minimize the effect of the current on my lines. Thanks to RoyalCarp and this pod, I had a fine weekend. PS. The BabyCorn pellets worked their magic once a gain. See (Hardcore Carping in the Pic and Stories thread)
  23. Ricky - I've done well on the Royal Baits Scopex (Cinnaplex) Boilies. Nearly all of the 3 dozen fish I caught at the ATC fell to these boilies I've also caught well on Bill D's Robin Red Scopex. And have done well on Paul P's Mainline Pineapple. hmm, I'm getting hungry now.
  24. Mark - I agree wholeheartedly, the Scopex do indeed have a cinnamon scent mixed in. I asked Alex about it and was told it had something to do with enhancing the fishmeal content. They do work well as I can attest by using them at the ATC. I really think they should be called "Cinnaplex" Cinnamon + Scopex. I'm sure you will be pleased with their effectiveness.
  25. Carpaholic


    All - Let's think this through before it gets too out of hand. Yes, there has been a past history of hostility and personal animosity expressed here on the CAG forum between boro and the ACS guys. That has been dealt with separately a while back. In this case, boro is making an observation about the goods or services he rec'd from ACS. Unless we've adopted a no criticism standard, then he's entitled to his opinion. Please notice that no body got called a crook or an idiot this time around. If the claim is $50 plus a T-shirt then perhaps he has a point. $50 worth of merchandise including a T-shirt is probably more accurate. Picky, perhaps. As for the ACS logo, I believe Stewart McKenzie conceived and developed the carp sillouette with USA flag pattern. It was used for the T-shirts worn by the 6 people representing the USA in the World Carp Cup at Raduta a few years back. I suppose that from one perspective the six anglers which participated may have some sentimental equity in the logo. But, since Stewart and Dave developed it, I'd guess that as long as Stewart is ok with its use, there isn't really any big issue. Regarding goods and services. I believe boro was offered a full refund plus $50 for the ACS tackle with which he was so displeased. For whatever reason, he opted not to take the refund and the $. I can only conclude that he believes he got good value for his money, else he would have jumped at the chance to get his money back which could have been used to purchase items elsewhere and more to his liking. For the record, I must admit I count David Moore as a close personal friend. Perhaps my impartiality may be in question because of this. On the other hand, I would point out that the above message was meant to defend boro's right to express displeasure with a vendor while simultaneously giving my rational for disagreeing with him. The forum has a long history of opinions both pro and con being expressed on various items of tackle. How many times have we heard Cabela's predators are great, followed shortly by someone else commenting Predators suck. I suppose it is more difficult to remain objective when persons we are familiar with have a stake in the products under discussion. None the less, if someone thinks the ACS packet is skimpy, or the pods wobble, then they are free to make such observations. Same with Wacker products or any other products. Odds are there will be others who express contrary favorable viewpoints. The tough part will be maintaining an objective discussion of the merits of the tackle or service. It is easy to take things personally. Before you know it, we're saying so and so is a blankety blank blanker, when what we really mean is, I'm not satisfied with such and such product or service. So, please be careful and stick to the merits or demerits of the tackle/bait/service at issue.
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