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  1. I understand that the pix on the LB are compressed to small size, but this year  I have been unable to view even those small pix.  When I click on somebodies name, it just says  "loading".

    Even under my own name....   no pix.    I don't believe I'm alone here..   Or am I???  Is anyone else having this issue?

    But back to my original question...     I would think that  CAG not posting all of the fish entered onto a  "Final Wrap up Post " for one of its premier contests is really a missed opportunity.

    I cannot think of a better way for our club/group to showcase itself to the masses than by posting all of the great catches made by our members throughout the country.  Maybe I am being naïve, and this is a lot more work than I realize or it is just not feasible/ possible  for this current forum format.   Either way, please receive my comments as just that...comments. As I am not knocking or complaining about all the work you and everybody else has done to put this contest together.   




  2. Thanks for the reply.....   A friend and I tried our luck also on Saturday.  We were also on the river, but more north.  We fished an area that had given us great results prior to the big flow and cold temps.  Unfortunately, our results were the same as yours.  We saw some activity early when we arrived but no takers in 10 hours.  Cant say we didn't try.....


    great effort by all you guys.



  3. On ‎10‎/‎17‎/‎2017 at 1:08 PM, Jerome said:

    By the way, just to clarify, even though the Big4 event registration is closed by now, you guys can still sign up with the leaderboard (and report fish). That is, until the end of the event (Nov 15th), of course. Better get started though!

    Wouldn't that be a little confusing?  To have people on the leaderboard that did not register by the deadline?  Am I reading this wrong?  How will people on the board know who is actually entered or not?   

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