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  1. I'd like to sign up, I'm still looking for a teammate, but I can pay the full $225 fee in the meantime myself if that's ok and I'll have one found here shortly
  2. Thanks everyone! Franky, length was 30 inches, didn't get girth. skeet3t, i was using breadballs, just simple ol' wonderbread
  3. Thanks to member Franky for the GREAT tip! got 15 in the last couple days this was the biggest
  4. Thanks Iain, yea pretty big and dramatic change! Seems like the carp are more plentiful here, but I will miss the 30 and 40 pounders of mass I think.
  5. Hi all, my name is Levi, I am an avid carper from the New England area, looking to find some new spots and fishing partners to get some carp. I am willing to fish any time and any day, even if its 1 am on tuesday! I am located in Glendale, AZ, near the 51ave and Union Hills crossroads. You can reach me anytime here, or by email at levi.m.flood@gmail.com, or by phone or text at 401 481 4575 Thanks and happy carping Levi
  6. Hi Kokak, I just moved to the area, wondering if you still fish for carp? Looking for some new spots and fishing partners for my new home! I can be reached at 401 481 4575, thanks!
  7. I'm gonna have to back out, sorry, too long of a drive for me from Milford
  8. I'm 90% yes, let you know for sure closer to the date
  9. ill keep you posted, might be carping in lincoln RI saturday
  10. if you are willing to drive i have a couple guys going out to grafton early tomorrow (5 am)
  11. hey Maninblack, thanks for that link, that led me to my new hot spot!!!!!!!
  12. thanks everyone, had a great carp on today, and a chance to spread the carp fever! Got a big one hooked on my pole while fishing ripple pond in Grafton, my buddy had never landed one so i handed the reins to him, ended up being 19 and a half pounds! would have been my biggest and my first pin (darn it) but more important that he got to land it!
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