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    Carpfishing both paylake and wildwater. Experienced paylaker who practices catch and release. I really enjoy the unknown of what our truly wild North American waters hold.

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  1. What's the SSW stand for? May look at those but haven't found a hook to hold it's point like the scorpion hooks. I'm very particular and those surpass my expectations. Thanks!
  2. Hi soCal I've tried the owner mosquito hooks kind of. To be honest I went to tie up some leaders and while pulling my knotless knot tight one of the hooks bent out alittle. After I saw that before use I never even tried them, to each their own, I personally can't use them after seeing that. Maybe a faulty hook, maybe my fault? Who knows but I don't want to risk a fish of a lifetime. Lol
  3. Thanks guys! Really appreciate it! Have had fish up to 32.3 on the size 1 hook in this pattern, would recommend to anyone who may fish paylake style.
  4. Would anyone happen to know if the size 1 (pictured) scorpion tackle paylake special (venom series) hook is larger or smaller than the 1/0 in the same style? The website doesn't say and I can't get anyone to email me back. I sent a email regarding the size of the hooks two weeks ago and haven't heard a thing. Thanks
  5. Vanilla butternut, all you need.
  6. Hi Lara, I've heard great things about fishing in Ontario. The fishing up there seems great. Thanks for joining the forum and asking questions. There's quite a few American carp tackle suppliers. Big carp tackle (BCT) being one of the biggest, Wacker bait and tackle, K-1 baits, and world classic baits (WCB) All of these companies have websites in which you can buy baits, hooks, and other sorts of tackle. There's also a smaller carp tackle company in TX called american carp gear (They have a website too). Texas is a rather large state so it's most likely that the actual dealer isn't
  7. Maybe you can start off by fishing with canned sweetcorn? Depending on your experience level you may be able to fish with packbait which ingredients are readily available throughout the country at any grocery store! If you need any help send me a message and I'll be more than happy to help, goodluck!
  8. thanks dude! It won't be long, a few more months and you'll be right back at it.
  9. Where about in SC? I actually live In NC if you end up coming through there first.
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