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  1. to hate on a rod because of its name and not by how it performs sure proves you will never find the rod your looking for....
  2. hay this mike we fished at the turtle creek in march 2011 just wanted to know if u were goimg to fish at folwer park may 19 2012

  3. wolf lake and sylvan would be a good start for bigger fish also the st.joe river in elkart would be another place.also you may want to get ahold of tony our northern state chair he could help you on a few good spots as well...
  4. wait heck i dont even know whats going on here?? call me dood...
  5. we got 4 new members today at the westside bait shops tackle party and 4 renewals, 1 of the new sign ups bought a 3yr membership...thanks jimmy once again for standing by the hoosier carpers and CAG....
  6. im going to try and make at least 1 trip over to ohio to fish with you all this year...
  7. yup thats how he got me too..damn alarms are hypnotic i tell ya
  8. i heard a rumor were up to 17 sign ups from the boat show so far....
  9. were invited to help DNR by working the kids fishing booth at the state fair in august.heres the letter i recieved today from the DNR... Hello my Carper friends! I am truly grateful of your willingness to help the DNR. You will be able to promote your group and help kids fish. I have penciled you in for the Fishing Pond on Sunday 8/7 AM and Monday 8/8 AM. The AM fishing session is 9 to noon with the volunteer shift being 830 to 1230. It takes 18 volunteers to run an entire fishing session, but I would need a minimum of 10 volunteers (in any shift) to qualify as a volunteering group. As soon as
  10. we will have our tournament trail and fish in schedule up sometime in january cheers!
  11. name is kevin tharp im 43yrs old, I have 3 kids live in indianapolis thought i was the only wild carp fisherman till i met gilbert huxley at the boat show several years ago and he hooked me on the whole euro carping.Met alot of great carpers here in Indiana an aboad.im proud to be a hoosier carper and proud of a supporter of westside bait,if ya need anything feel free to e-mail me or PM me here
  12. i would say you would be missed but im still getting bait from ya been a good run guy,and im glad to say ive landed my first boilie carp on your baits [back when you sold on ebay] and had fun helping on your site good luck on your 40!!
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