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  1. devastated to hear this , condolences to his family
  2. i don't see why not Dave, ill have a word with the powers that be and get back to you bruv. im happy to put a prize up of a $100 gift card to wholefoods if that sounds attractive ?
  3. once again fishin factory 3 will be hosting the carp open on the Connecticut river this year ! there will be 5/6 new swims never fished before on the wethersfield game club available as pegs this year so don't miss out on the chance to fish against some of the best carp anglers in America. there have been some proper "hipopotachunks" caught this year and for sure a few have got your names on !. i will post a link below for sign ups or indeed give me a shout and i can put you in touch with the blokes that organize it......"happy haulin" lee 860 652 5287 https://fishinfactory3.com/fishing-reports/126/fishinfactory-3-2019-carp-open
  4. already booked the day off and will be fishing it mukka !
  5. yup, ill be there mate,i think its going to be epic !
  6. omg ! frank Warwick is like a mega caster, bloke can chuck a lead to the moon !. anyone who wants to know secrets on how to caster further this my friends is the geezer to ask.
  7. sent mine to,i still find it so strange,why would anyone want to shot a carp with a bow and arrow ?
  8. omg !! this bloke is my hero at the moment,mind you lain sorrell is to......im a very sad individual
  9. morning folks, my name is lee and i used to be the ct state chair here on CAG about 6 years ago,some of you may remember me (little blonde British bloke). i turned my back on carp fishing back then and decided to do something a lot different and took up metal detecting which has been very kind to me finding lots of coins and treasure. while out detecting last year i came across a lake on private land of about 20 acres which peaked my interest so i began to go down there twice a week to watch for signs of fish. having sold all my carp gear to ethan all those years ago i had nothing to fish with,which in a way was a blessing as it forced me to just watch for signs of carp. after a few weeks as the weather got warmer i started to spot some very big fish cruising the lake,a few approaching 40lbs if not bigger, and seeing this the bug well and truly bit me again. after talking to the owners i have gained permission to fish the lake and have begun to buy all new gear, rods,reels,pod,terminal tackle... the lot,in fact all im waiting on is a landing net and deciding what bait im going to be using. anyway, i thought i would take this opportunity to say hello to the old crew,saveyman,clowie and Ethan and to introduce myself to everybody here. i hope to meet you all on the bank this year once the weather warms up. ps didn't know if this was the right place for introductions so please feel free to move this post.
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