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  1. Hi all, carp angler currently living in Oregon, but moving to the Farmington,nm area at the beginning of the year. I’ve been an angler my whole life, and I’ve been carping for a solid 8 years. This is really out of my area of comfort because I’ve spent my whole life in Oregon. Crazy making the move but I’m ready for the challenge! I’m wondering if anyone on here may have a resource they could point me towards to get myself familiar with the area? And if anyone wants to fish when I do arrive, shoot me a message! Not asking for honey holes or spots, just a place to do research and get familiar with the local waters and new people to fish with. I know about navajo lake as my girlfriends parents told me about it. But that’s about it. heres a photo of my most recent capture from the local river last week to make it not so boring. 14lb common on popup corn and method feeder. With the lack of salmon and steelhead where I’m headed, I’m really hoping the carping opportunities make up for it brandon
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