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Found 7 results

  1. Finally gotta chance to fish this afternoon-tried a local river with no success after an hour, so went to a creek and caught 5 in just over 2 hours, all from 6-8lbs or so and one double!!. Had just cleaned, oiled, and re-spooled all my rods (17 in all!)-nice to have clean gear that worked perfect!.....I know most of us stay indoors til spring, but, on a nice day try your local creek- the carp are there!!!!........good fishing all!!!
  2. Finally got a break in the weather, though the bite is slow.......earlier this week caught a nice 6-14lbr on a nice creek run, then today a couple average catfish, and these two!- A beautiful 5-8 mirror, and this 11-8 common.......slow fighters but nice sunny day!....all on hair rigs-even the creek catch. Lookin forward to FFF, though still trying to pick my venue......
  3. Hi all! A tale of two days fishin!- Sunday was very difficult- one of my creeks was covered in filamentous algae and floating gobs of it, which hung on the line, and the bait just sank into it.......don't have and haven't used pop-ups but I think that would have been great.....anyway hooked 4 and landed 3, including this 7lb 3ozr, 10lb 8ozer, and 3lbr (not shown-not a very flattering pc of me .......and then today was a far different story-went to a different creek, which for some reason didn't have the algae matts-hooked 6 and landed 5-literally I cast one pole, set the line, and as I cast the second, got a hit on the first and hooked him-this nice 12lb 5ozr, and the second rod took off but couldn't hook, him, but 12 minutes later, hooked and landed the 9lbr, then a 7 (with abnormal barbels), AND THEN, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CARP IVE EVER CAUGHT!!- THIS SPECTACULAR 5LBR- MIRROR- WHAT A FISH!!!!........hope it grows to a 20lbr someday!!!!., ended the 3 hour session today with this 8lbr...I thought I was addicted, but now I'm obsessed!!!!.....good luck out there-fishin warmin up!!!!.......
  4. With all the reports lately I guess its my turn now . My intensions were spending few days chasing the big belly girls. Weather has been on and off lately, but once again I had timed it perfectly, and it was on my side. I caught over 30 fish, from 3lb to a recapture which hit the scale at 44lb 4oz. Few high 20's, and 6 fish over the 30lb mark. I wont go much in detail, because I will let you guys find out more in the article which will be in the next NACA magazine. I want to thank K-1 Baits, Mihai, Bogdan, Istvan for the great bait and useful tips to make this trip work, also Alin who worked on the pictures and did some retouching. Here is a 44lb 4oz, which I had captured last year at 42lb. A magnificent common coming in at, 36lb 2oz. Last but not least, a 28lb two tone mirror. Please follow me for more pictures and reports. NOTE !!! THIS IS NOT ALL !!!
  5. zippyFX

    My first common

    Hi All, I have not posted here in awhile but I have been trolling regularly. Just wanted to drop in and say I got my first common in Ottawa this evening. One of the local fishing groups had a troll about Carp in a storm management facility near my home. I pinged the individual but never got any follow-up. I went there in the spring but did not see any signs of fish. Earlier this week I had some time at lunch so I decided to take a walk and see if there were any signs of fish. The water was cloudy but I did see allot of bubbling and I did see the some fish disturbing the water; Then out of nowhere a carp surfaced at a shallow area near where I was standing looked me in the eye and just slipped back into the water. I went back to the spot this evening and figured I try for carp at night. I thought it maybe more difficult at night but thought I would give it a go anyway. Hammercarp had recommend a paylake style pack of oats and cream corn last year so I gave it a try. My mix was a little on the dry side and would not ball up sufficiently for a gentle toss. so I used it as a chum and threw in a couple of kilograms of corn to boot. I figured the pop up corn I had purchased would be better for a clearer water so tossed in a worm on #6 circle hook. The end result was a 6 brown bullheads and 1 common carp. Thanks for all the help guys.... I think that now that I have dialed into what is required I maybe able to catch more in some more scenic locations in town. This is a great group with lots of good advice. Thanks! Estimated weight about 2 pounds.
  6. I wont get much in details to what happened the two days before I got there cause I'm not really sure ))... The swim was baited up with K-1 Concept Boilies, Strawberry Squid, and Strawberry Oats Pack Bait !!! Here I am at work with finally some free time to write about my trip this past week !! This trip was kind of planed but plans went wrong and than it all happened out of the blue.. Some of the K-1 Team members, Mihai, Bogdan, Christine, Tony, Pawel, and Jason were planing a trip to Tennessee I was invited too but with work i couldn't make it. On April 17th, Tuesday morning when i woke up first thing before i even opened my eyes was to check my phone, K-1 Baits Facebook page and see if there was anything over the night, well there was a picture of Mihai's fish in a sack. I texted Jason since most of the people had no service and not long after i got the reply that it was a big fish... As the day went by i was at work kind of frustrated that I'm not there to share the moments, bank space and good time with the crew ... I finally called Jason to see how they managed the pictures and release of the fish, told him how much I wish I was there, It was his Bday as well and I was going crazy, fishing was slow but who cares about fishing when there a good company next to you !! Well it didn't take me long to finish work at 6 and by that time i already made up my mind I WAS GOING TO TENNESSEE !!! I rushed back home packed up some food, sleeping bag, clothes and left, not to forget I stopped at the liquor store to grab a bottle for us. I was on the road by 7pm Eastern time, my gps showed me 846 Miles 14 hours drive, well ill tell you one thing these 14 hours were the fastest ever in my life, with being up at work all day i drove to TN with only three quick stops for gas, man was it raining, the weather hit me in West Virginia and it didn't stop till TN ;(( well I made it there for 12 And a Half hours !! Was it great to be there, I had blood and energy pumping thru my body, very excited to be there and see everyone. Even tho fishing was slow i did not rush to put my rods out, we took the boat out and my decision was that I would fish one rod out far about 300+ yards since fishing was slow in front of us, me and Bogdan took out my line while Pawel held my rod from shore, didn't bait up much, just put out two hand full's of K-1 Baits Concept Strawberry Squid boilies... My other rod was close to shore where the baited up area was, i found where the weed line was and fished right on it.. After doing all this we took a trip to a different swim to see Dave Moore, Rod, and Tim, very very cool guys.. By the time we got back it was 1pm and I wasn't tired knowing i was up for 30+ hours lol.. Me and Bogdan took a bass rod and went off in search of some small mouths but with no luck, Jack who was Jason's dog followed us on shore and we were afraid he would get lost in the woods so we picked him up and took him on the boat, but he decided to show us how good of a swimmer he is and jumped off lol.. He made it back to shored safe ) !! At around 4pm i went in for a little nap to get woken up by Bogdan at around 8pm for dinner and party time, it did take him quite a few minutes to wake me up and get me up from my bed. Mihai had already prepared a great Stew for dinner and i was getting ready to put some pork chops on the grill.. The food was great i was mad that i even missed the first 3 night just for the food that was being cooked every night ( !! We had a nice meal and aaa long night of drinking, talking and messing around with each others alarms Well i might of had a little run the first time, but the second time man it was a screamer and i ran 100 yards to find out it was Bogdan messing with me !! I did get him back i was not going to let it go lol ! We went to bed at around 4:30 am i would say for my self in a pretty good mood but deff not able to play a fish if I had a run . In the am i got up to use the bathroom and ended up with a 34lb new PB Fully Scaled Mirror on a K-1 Toffee Pop Up,ohh boy was it pretty .. After all the picture taking the fish went off back in the water and i was happy out of my mind... The day was very wind 20+ mile gusts of wind were hitting us, But Bogdan still managed a 31lb rare Common from this place ). It came time for everyone to go, me and Jason decided to stick till Friday knowing how much bait was in the water hoping for someone to break one more PB ). There was a big storm coming, winds were suppose to die out, but only picked up even more in the night, waking up to a blown and broken bivvy in the morning i was not in a good mood, soaked and wet I didn't even pack my gear the right way threw most of it in the car and hit the road by 7am with no other fish being landed thru out the night ( !! It was one tough night ill tell you that. I had work at 12am eastern time so i made it back home for 13 hours and took off to work at around 11pm, worked till 12pm on Saturday and went to sleep at 1pm, i was up for good 31 hours no sleep, driving and working ) !!! It was great to see everyone and share the bank space together, even tho fishing was slow i was still happy with my two day trip to TN . Hope you guys enjoy.. Tight Lines All !!! The Bait going in !!! Spod Mix for Zig Rigs, Made a great clould in the water.. Bogdan hoping for some last night action !!! THE FISH !!! Jason with a Beautifull Fully Scalled Mirror, at 29+ Caught on 16mm K-1 Toffee Pop Up !! Bogdan, with a stunning Common that topped 31lb, taken on K-1 Pineapple Ice Cream Pop Up !!! Here comes Me, New PB Fully Scalled Mirror at 34lb on the dot, Taken on K-1 toffee Pop Up !!! Here comes the catch of the trip !!! A new Dale Hallow Lake record carp known amongst the carp anglers, with a whooping weight of 40lb 2oz, takken on, K-1 12mm Squid and Octopus Pop Up, topped with a Night glow peace of corn... Here i want to Thank Pawel Sanders for the great photography, and also Everyone els that was there for the great times !!!! Bogdan, Mihai, Jason, Christine, Tony, and not to forget Jack the Dog !!! Stay Tuned, More Big Fish to Follow !!!!
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