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Found 3 results

  1. I found something disturbing this this morning. I had two sister websites that showed a lock with a red line through it. I took the computer to Staples and the techie said that the websites were not secure. He used the prefix of https:// with the website address. It came up that the websites were not secure. He advised not to use any personal information. I did this with about a dozen websites and the only one that was secure was my bank! Clicking on the small case "i" on the upper left showed CAG not to be secured. This bothers me as I am anticipating ordering some things fro the store. I'm reluctant to order anything now. Computer people and admins please address this issue. Thanks.
  2. New carpers are always asking various questions about carp fishing. Thought this might be helpful to all of us. I was messing around with my Android a couple of days ago. A search found several things related to carp fishing. This one seemed to catch my attention. The fellow has been carp fishing for 15 years. I know that we have members that have been carping for much longer than that but the different parts of the website proved to be something for thought and experimentation. www.carp-fishing-tactics.com
  3. We were at the funeral of our son-in-law's uncle. My wife and I had a time to chat with one of her former teachers after the service. I have fished with her husband Ernie for trout on one of our local tailwater rivers on occasion. She also fishes for trout. Di worked at a large sporting goods store in their hometown. In order to know what flyfishing is all about, they company sent her to an Orvis school! Nancy mentioned that I had a new hobby- carp fishing. She just had to mention all the new gear that I bought. I gave Di the CAG website address. When we were leaving, Nancy remembered that I had some CAG brochures in the van. She gave me one and I passed it along to Di. She works during the week but Ernie works at a local business and works swing shifts. Opens the way to fish during the week. Will keep in touch with them. Maybe Nancy and I can host a mini fish-in with them and their daughter on a weekend. BTW, Di was asking if I caught carp on a fly rod. Told her that was on the list for next spring. Di said she had caught a carp that reached her waist....about 2-1/2-3 feet long I would estimate.
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