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You likely remember your very first fishing trip and who took you. And odds are pretty good that it was that experience that's directly responsible for why you're still fishing today. That's what Anglers' Legacy is all about – simply giving back what you've been given, and making your promise to introduce somebody new to the activity that you love. Join thousands of your peers and make a real difference.

This is a unique opportunity to not only share in a sport which is enjoyed by many across this great world, but also a great opportunity to promote carp fishing and awareness, as well as CAG in general.

What is involved? What does it cost? First.....this opportunity does not cost you a single cent. The only thing it will cost you is time taken out of your life to take someone fishing who has not had the opportunity to do so. This could be a family member, co-worker, neighbor, acquaintance at church or, perhaps, the mechanic who works on your car. The neighbors kids, Boy Scout / Girl Scout troops, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Become part of Anglers' Legacy today, the group of folks from all across the country who, like you, are giving back. There's no membership fee and no obligation. You're just making a promise to do your part to share your knowledge and expertise with someone new.

Your pledge is simple. Below are the basic fundamentals of your pledge:

I understand that I am being asked to share my passion for fishing and boating in a responsible manner – to pass along my skills, knowledge, and expertise with those who say, "Take Me Fishing!"

By participating in Anglers' Legacy, I am...

* Committed to the ongoing role of sharing, teaching and building relationships.

* Accepting the novice with patience and understanding, remembering that I, too, was once a beginner.

* Providing a solid foundation of structural support to those wanting to learn more about fishing and boating.

* Putting my best foot forward to serve as a model mentor, allowing the recipient to appreciate and interpret the experience on his/her own.

* Communicating hope and optimism with every step of the mentoring process.

To make your pledge, please visit Anglers' Legacy Pledge Page and make the promise to take someone new fishing!

Anglers' Legacy: Take Someone Fishing!

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