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How To Easily Resize 1 Or More Photos


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You can always use http://photobucket.com/ to resize and store your pics.

First you need to register

When registered you will need to go to the 'My Album Tab'

Then go to Browse

Select your picture from your window by clicking on the name of your photo then click on 'Open' box

Then click on 'Upload Button'

When the picture is uploaded you will be asked to give the picture a title.

Then click on 'skip this step now'

Your picture will then be displayed below

Click on the edit button just above the picture which will then load the picture into the editing mode.

Then click on the resize button.

Then click 'save' and give new name if you want to also keep the original photo.

Then go to the bottom right of the screen and click once on the IMG code.

Then go to the tread that you wish to post your picture and right click - then select the word 'paste'

Your code for the picture should then be displayed (not the picture)

Enter any text that you wish to add underneath.

Then click the word Preview at the bottom to ensure that the size is ok.

Then click submit

Job Done

If this picture has not come up at the right size then you could well have made a mistake by setting the wrong size or failed to click on the Apply button - so you will need to go back and re-do.

This will only take you a couple of minutes to perform once you have registered and have used a couple of times.

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I just tried the Irfanview again and it worked ok. I liked the Microsoft add on better to be honest. Can I resize a few hundred pics at once with Photobucket? If not, it's not very useful to me...

Yep you can do the same with Photobucket, you just need to make sure you pick the size you want before uploading.

You may want to look at it even if you don't use it for resizing, its handy for organising pics for websites etc.

Heres all my pics, I think you get 1GB for free.


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As I just went to Vista, I found it necessary to get another copy of the resizer as the XP version is not compatible with Vista. If you will click on the above (first/Microsoft) link you will find a link to a clone program that IS compatible with Vista.

If you want to see the acutal URL it is http://www.codeplex.com/PhotoToysClone


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I have tryed to reduce my photos with no luck. I am not that good with the computer. I will onley post two or 3 photos intill I lern how to resize photos ....

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Guest edward

I've often used the Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

(but it might not work for reducing multiple fotos at once, not sure)

Under 'Edit' choose "Compress photos" -- there you have a choice of sizes

*Documents -- this will compress the photo from about 3 mb to 400 kb

* E mail -- this will make it smaller yet, under 200 kb.

Or, if you use Hotmail, it has a new photo reducer, which makes any foto to under 100 kb. You can choose the foto, send it to yourself and then open it and post it to your CAG message. Hotmail works well for multiple foto reductions.

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If the purpose of resizing is posting on a forum , I recommend ImageShack..click upload images, you can choose as many photos as you want simultanious, click on the resize window and choose the format you like. ImageShack will do the rest. Posting it you have to do yourself though. :D

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Ah I didn't know that, although I prefer to offer limited pictures so I can keep track of my own images.

Willem sounds awfully Dutch!? Are you? :lol:

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