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St Lawrence - above and below water...

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Another interesting post, Jerome. A single kernel left on the hair or is that all you used?

Actually, no. What you can see is a fake kernel, plastic corn. But when I cast, it was surrounded by two kernels of pescaviva, plus a method ball. This worked pretty well, I had something like 8 runs in a couple of hours. Interestingly enough, there were jumping like crazy before the sunrise, but I couldn't catch one. And then they started to bite...

The spot where I was fishing has thick weeds 10 yards out, and extracting fish from the weeds is rather difficult, so the softer parts of the bait fell off in the process. Actually, if you look at my first Waddington pic, you'll see a structure of concrete in the water, and I had to go there to play the fish! Which was actually kind of neat, except for the wet feet afterwards! :D

Now I can't wait to see what Rick will do with his new camera... :D

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