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David Moore

ACS Tournament Regional Events

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ACS Tournaments has donated a $500 voucher good towards any 3 of the events being held in 2008 to the winning team of the ATC!

Last years winners Doug Reed and Rod Mills took full advantage of this offer and participated in the NE Regional's held in Baldwinsville, NY.

Dates and news for those events:

Dates and Info

First event of 2008 is the South Central Regional at Lake Hominy:

Registration and Info

This year Viper Bait Boats is donating 2 Euro Viper Bait Boats as prizes!! We are going to allow boats to be used by teams as something different. Many of last years ToC participants suggested this option so we are going to give it a try since every peg on this lake really has a lot of open water in front of it and there are really no end pegs.

Second event of 2008 is the NE Regional being held in Baldwinsville, NY:

Registration and Info

What can we say about this event other than it was a mind blower. We had complaints of "Too many fish being caught!" :D during last years event. Maybe they are right with over 28,000 lbs of fish being caught and released. Remember the ones under 10lbs didn't count! :D

We will add the registration feature for the Tournament of Champions being held in Hartford CT during early October in a few months.

Keep an eye on the forums for more prizes as they become available. Fox Tackle has offered to sponsor the "Big 4" at each event this year. It includes $1500 of various tackle items for all 3 events Big 4 winners.

DAM Tackle who is launching a new range of this tackle has agreed to be a main sponsor with $1500 of various tackle items towards the prize pool at the 2 Regional's and $2,000 at the ToC.

We hope to see many of you at this years events as they are becoming better all the time.

Join us on our new forum which is carp Tournament specific to keep up on the latest info!

ACS Tournaments Forum

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Thanks Dave.


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I would have been there with bells on but Dave did not ask me if the dates were ok. I have a National Sales Meeting in Palm Springs the same days :D:D:D . I want to kick myself for this as I had full intentions of going to this and kicking some arse. I will have to try and make it to NY.


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