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Thank you Andrew and Pete. Glad to be updating the blog again.

Here is the video to the dinosaur fish on page 38.

Got a 3 day trip planed for the 4th of July weekend. Still up on the air of where I'm fishing.

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Here's a recent upload.

Missed one.

Lost one.

Caught one.

Fishing around work. Showering at work, sleeping at the lake, repeat. Tonight I think I'm going to run home and re group some supply's and clothing and go back at it. Going to try a new place tonight 2 hours away. Can't wait for three days off!

Wish me luck!

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I have been very busy with work and some very carpy stuff! Real quick Id like to give a update on a recent success. I have been traveling almost 2 hours as often as I can to scout and fish a water that has had 40+ fish removed by bow and arrow. A friend, Doug and I over nighted the place with no luck. Doug went home and i moved spots for the second night with the plan to stay and leave for work noon the next day. In the middle of the night I caught my first fish from this water. At 16lb 6ft from the bank i couldn't be happier. I plan to focus on this water during some time off work this month and early August. I have very strong feelings that boating to a spot could produce some very large fish. While on the water Doug and I both herd the crashes of and saw massive fish. Discovering new places is the biggest rush, and mastering them is the biggest satisfaction a angler can have. Cheers to carping!


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Met up with a fellow named Clark, but up till meeting him he was chasingbrowns on the photo sharing app instagram. A avid flyfishing trout guru, covered in trout and fly tattoos. He asks me to come out to his place and check out a pond. Apparently the owner wants mirrors that are 30 years old and apparently massive relocated to another pond. So with a Sunday finally with no work schedule I drive out to his home over a hours drive from my own. We get along great! Both drive the same old toyota truck and love fishing beyond anything else. Getting to the pond I see nothing. The place is a cloud. The owner fills me in on all the history of the fish, the pond and her experience showing and selling koi. She also tells us if we go on the dock and stomp are feet... Fish will come. So since Clark was so nice to take me here and being such a fly guy the obvious thing to do was to target some fish on the fly. I show him my net and mat and we stand on this small old dock and stomp are feet. Sure as anything fish surfaced. I had some breed from a horrible gas station hot dog that I got on my drive here. So I started thrown some bits in. I stood aside and let Clark have a go. Using a MOUSE fly he hooked up with in moments. Took some photos and releasing are first fish of the evening. As predicted the disturbance made a pause in carp activity. Sun fish are like Parana. My small mulberry fly is hooking up with them and it made fishing impossible. Clark's having some better luck with his mouse. He was hooking up with them, but nothing as bad as my hookups. The hook size he had was enormous. After a walk around everything calmed the fish came back and we proceeded to catch half a dozen koi. I got to show Clark a small taste of euro, setting traps for the big mirrors. Unfortunately it was fairly late in the day when we met. After 5 and a major storm was heading are way. So we packed up at dark and talked about a future full day on the pond.

Woo hoo carpfishing!






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3 weeks ago I was on the phone with one of my long time carp friends Mr. Vanja. He gave me a ring and we chatted. Just so happened i was out scouting and exploring a new place in the afternoon hours before work. I do this ALOT. This particular venue I've had my eye on for years, but never fished for carp. Just other species. I have a strong belief that observation is the biggest key to successful carp fishing. Spending time some place actively fishing for trout, pan fish or bass can put you in a position to see something interesting. I've seen grass carp over the years on the surface out really far, but I've caught loads of these on accident and don't often if ever go out targeting them. Friends and other witness reports became null. I wrote them off as grass carp. On this day though by chance I made a quick stop to walk around and by even greater chance a great fellow carper was in my ear when over a imbankment I saw a massive common carp. The fish was so long with a immense gut. I was so beside myself that I interrupted my friend to tell him what I just saw and why it was a supper big deal. So questioning all my past reports I bait down from the spot in a place that looked like they would visit. I drive out of the way home from work just to toss some more ground bait in.

The next day I wake up to the fishing alarm in my head far to early. Forcing myself to get a little more sleep I can't wait any more. Off I go. I got three hours before I have to leave the lake to make the drive into work. I arrive to see quite the sight. This lake is above average clear. The area that I baited, witch was maybe 8 foot in a circle was now a 40ft mud cloud with tails all over the place. A very large orange black speckled koi swims in from mid lake into the cloud of mud and weeds. Unbelievable. How could they have stayed so hidden for so long to me? Getting my bearings straight I get back to the truck and load the borrow and jet over. Throw the net together and putting all three rods together I realize... I don't need any of this. I got this. So casting one rod low and under hand past the fish lifting up to come to rest as gentle as possible around the feeding fish. One boilie, no freebies, with no alarm. 20 second latter the line bounces agents my finger then quickly zipping off running over my finger. I lift up, fight the fish to the bank and successfully crack a long time watched water. Yes!

This story is not over I've since gotten fish up to 30lb from this place. All unusually dark and long. Nothing yet was as big as the first common I saw and the year is still early, but none of this is what I'm here writing about. I'm here to tell of the other fish I caught that day and what i saw during landing it.

After the first fish the area got a bit spooked. I knew this was the time to set up the pod and three rods. Putting a dozen baits in the water and casting out on them I waited spending time chatting with locals until the second run happen. Hard fighting fish these are. As the fish peels line out just past a weed-mass I see something. Focusing on it I can't believe my eyes. This is the biggest thing I've ever seen.... A grass carp, but not just any old grass carp. I have layed this species on to my mat over 50lbs. I've seen some big fish. Not like this though. This thing was so large that if I was swimming and saw it, i would have probably panicked. Swimming under the weeds it was gone. I landed that fish, very nice 20. Releasing it on film. looking down at my phone and after the shot all I can think about is telling someone about this fish. Brian wingrad is the lucky guy who gets to hear this fish tail first... I describe the fish as looking a impossible length with a girt at the tail being like a basket ball. He seemed more interested in the commons ? I latter tell my co workers and friends about it. I believe they think I've been sleeping out on lakes to much.

My most recent time spent here with my few precious before work hours was last Monday. It is my fourth visit that I'd be fishing since I spotted the big bellied common. I spot a fish. So i grab my fly rod, but its not interested. I walk back to the truck to try a different approach. Walking with the borrow a park guy in the typical safety green shirt comments and starts conversation. By the end of that talk I learn a lot of new information. The man ends up being the head of the park and had a lot of good stuff to tell me. Out of that info one bit was the grass carp where stocked over 25 years ago at a count of 130. I setup and burn my last hour on 2 awesome fish. Both caught in minutes of the cast, single rod in hand. The second fish almost made me late for work! Racing on the hot day sweating to zip off on a hour drive my heads still going over all what that man told me.

Driving into work I'm thinking about how the weeds in my net from the last fish had so many tiny snails on it. Could it be that a majority of the 130 died in the 25+ years and there is a fish that has been eating this weed, unintentionally intaking loads of protein creating a genuine lake monster?!

I want to find out. It may not happen this month, or this year. It might be a friend who catches it, someone I share the place with, but high odds it could get caught. When it does i am going to dance and sing "I told you so" I'm not crazy ? not totally.

The fish from the first 3 sessions are in the video on page 37 of this thread. The fish from the last session are in the video behind this post.


So if you didn't read the post above ^ give it a read and come back ...

Okay so I might have caught the lake monster. Not been fishing to much. Work has been busy. just bought my first home, moved from my parents to living with my girlfriend, adjusting, growing up. I did get out this past week. I took a week of vacation for this past week. Had big plans and high hopes, but a series of heavy rains flooded and mucked away all my ambition . "Prioritys" and plans stacked up resulting in far to little fishing. I managed to get out to the stream that runs threw the cow pastures behind my new home. Clear water and loads of carp which I was very glad to see. Bowfishing has really destroyed many of my streams. The clear water just makes it to easy. In fall or spring when there's no weeds, one bowFisherman with skill can eradicate carp in these streams. I didn't move away from my "knowledge" area. So I know this stream pretty good. I didn't walk far before seeing my first fish. Using ultralight tactics and walking the 3 mile stretch, brought loads of joy to the start of me week. This was a field day! Literally. Filmed a little for a video and was getting hungry. So I gave my buddy, Scott a ring and told him to come out to check out my new place and go fish. Everything went great. He was in the area and swang on over. I rigged him up with a ultralight with the plan in mind to film him catching a fish for my video. Could not have went any better. We had a load of fun chasing trout and carp in the field. Got pinned by a entire herd of cows while we where in a tree over the water. Making are way back we spot the third mirror of the day. The hole had about 8 fish so I threw some bait in the spot next to a snag along the bank that they all seemed to visit. Hiding behind a big tree Scott gives a holler and is into a fish. Then he shouts "it's the mirror!". We work together and get the rod around the tree so the fish wouldn't run down stream into a full across the stream snag. I used the net to free his line of weeds he picked up on the bank side take. This is when I start filming. Ten minutes or more go by till we land the fish safely. Just a awesome stream mirror. Flawless. Released as flawless as we got her. Scott was stoked my day couldn't have been better, till the rains came.


The rains destroyed my original plans. I had a back up plan. Went for the night a hours drive. The water was murky as hell and colder then what's been average. Fished into the early morning with out a splash. I noticed the lack of crawfish along the banks when I spotted for them with my headlamp. So there was no way I was going to spend the next few days here. Went home with my tail between my legs. I felt pretty down. My vacation is a waste. All I wanted to do was get one good session in on one of my new discoveries and really see what could be caught. It just wasn't seeming like it would be discovered this vacation. Wasted the next 2 days not fishing. Made me feel like crap. Went scouting with my friend Austin. One place with in a hour was a place i hadn't taken him. The place with long black commons where I saw the monstrous grass carp. We pre bait and plan to come back around 11am the next day. We meet at my place in the morning, eat breakfast and are off. I have plans with Leah's family at 7. We have till 6. Spot is teaming with bubbles. The water is mucked bad when normally it's very clear. Landing a high teen/low 20s common made for a fun photo with the beautiful flowers that seem to be at all my lakes this time of year. Wish I knew there name. Time goes by with more rain setting in. The whole day was rather windy and over cast. Once the rain stopped it made for a very calm water going on 5pm a bleep comes from my delks. Minute later its screaming off. On the initial lift up it was notably heavy. Looking at Austin I say "bro, we have a serious fish" lift hard the fish makes a turn change at the waters surface revealing only a enormous dorsal fin. At this point I knew I was into a Grasser. It did not feel like most grass carp. There was no bounce bounce. I ran out into the water with the net. Landed the fish as fast as possible, unhooked it in the net, in water while Austin tarred my mat. The fish was 2ft larger then my weigh sling! It's a very large sling too. We transferred the fish at the banks edge, practically maxed my scale out on a 59.5 reading. Set the fish down to release when I notice how calm this beast is being. Normally I do not photograph myself with grassers. They are not like normal carp. I tell Austin to pull his phone out and some how the fish stays calm long enough for him to manage some great photos. As I revive the fish and release it safely out in the water, Austin is viewing the photos in disbelief when his phone dies.

When he sent me the photos latter that night it was like receiving the greatest gift I could have asked for. I wasn't originally thrilled about having to go with Leah to her folks house, but now I was flying high.

What if this isn't the fish? What if the fish i saw was even bigger then this one? What if this is just a sign of what could be in these many acres?

Vacation well spent.



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Holy carp man, that's a monster - CONGRATS and well done !!!! who knows, perhaps that wasn't the "big" one, and there is an even larger behemoth out there just waiting to be captured ! :party0012icon:

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It’s been a while since I’ve been on here.   Boy, reading through this all was great.  I hope all my old friends are doing well.  I never stopped fishing just went silent on sharing carp stuff.  I may start posting here again though.  


Tight lines yall 

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