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Guest The_Carp_Hunter

Sunday Outing

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Guest The_Carp_Hunter

HI guys, just to share with you my fishing experience on sunday for carp, I arrived kind of early to the lake, and got my stuff ready and rented a small boat with an electric motor, once aboard, I headed for the far end of the small lake, where there is lots of aquatic vegetation and sunken trees, in this place I had seen big carp, but as usual they don't bite hehe so I was there with my 1 weight rod and using 4lb tippet you might be wondering why would someone will take such a light rod in a place where big carp live... easy i mistaken the rod tubes hahahaha anyway I started fishing, the first fihs I saw was a very small carp, about 3lb but since I had the light rod I decided to cast at it and bingo the first hit of the morning it put up a good fight, landed the fish and searched for my camera ...... oops!!! where is my camera???? needless to say all the bad words I told my self hehehe so I realeased the fish, after that all hell broke lose, I saw another small shadow to my right and casted again, but what I didn't noticed was the huge and I mean huge shadow that was on the far side of the small shadow!!!! next thing I knew was that the huge shadow was not a log or anything but a carp that had just eaten my fly!!!!!!! gosh!!! where is my 9 weight i thought!!!! well it was a short battle but a very hard one hehehe the fish took more than half of my backing on the first run then it was a small fight an the fish spit the hook, after that still shaking like jelly I started looking for another fish and yes there wheere other fish, but all about the same size like the one I had just lost but I thought what the worst thing that could happend??? that it breaks me off so there I go again hehehe to make the story short I hooked about 12 fish the small one and 11 fish well above 30lbs!!!!!! and how many didi I landed??? just one hahahahahaha well anyway it was a great day feeeling those huge fish on such a small rod was great after breaking off the last carp I decided to change targets, so I started fishing for bluegills, bass and trout hehehe with better result in terms of landed fish hehehe well thats what happended las sunday, but next one the 9 weight will be ready and double checked B)B)B)

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