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My Hat tastes great lightly salted...


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Had to nearly eat my hat today. 107ºF on the local Bank clock/temp marquee. WHEW! So I get off work at 3PM and go to the local city park lake and head over to the windward shoreline to flick flies at the flats feeders. They were there en force and I estimated around two fish for every five yards in the 5 to 15 pound range. Same as before. This time I scooped and swept gobs and handfuls of the algae goop from the waters edge to capture or observe the stuff the carp were feeding upon to see if there were scuds or other bugs present. None were found but the soup I checked was probably already sieved by the fish and washed ashore.

Anyhow I cast dozens of times over a hundred yard stretch only to have my Hat handed to me again this time served slightly salted from sweat and ready to eat! I set the flyrod down and got out the camera for some pics of these golden boneheads. The best shots were when I held the camera behind my polarized sunglasses to cut the glare. Hence the funky color and sunglass arm showing. You can see them clearly taking off from right in front of me heading to the deep.. Quite frustrating to be so close as to touch them with the rod tip but not entice a take.. I mashed a piece of 13 grain bread onto a fly and gently roll cast it in front of a fish and by luck had an unexpected, 3 foot, 2-3 second take that was just a quickly dropped as I took up the slack for a strip set. DRAT! Oh well.. I tried for about an hour and then went to another swim on the other shore to bait up two rods and lick my salty wounds and rethink tactics. My thoughts are these fish, being in such shallow water, are on red alert as any heavy footfall or bird shadow passing overhead spooks them towards the deep in quick order.. Enjoy the wakes and mud trails. Pardon the poor shots, the camera was on auto focus tried to focus on my sunglass lens.


PS- there is a gold lining to this dark cloud in my next post





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