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One Session Nets 40 Fish and....

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Here in Utah is celebrated an additional 4th of July type of Holiday on July 24th, called Pioneer Day, complete with parades, rodeos, fireworks and festivities. When our shop manager announced the store closure on Weds and I told my wife about it she said “You should go fishing!” Boy, my wife sure loves me.

So at 1130 PM Weds I’m packed and at the new venue by midnight and set up. I took my fly rod and spinning gear plus several baits to try out. Within the hour I’m rewarded with a my first reel scream and netted an 8.8 Common. WooHooo! After the fish is photo’ed and released, I reward myself with a Mt Dew.


My session was 11.5 hours long and the swim went from somewhat s-l-o-o-o-w to Freakin Rediculously HOT!

Right at daybreak and sunrise the activity went off the chain. I had a double twice and even managed one of them by holding the spinning rod (with the bigger fish on) between my knees while I played, reeled and netted the smaller fish hooked up on the fly rod. The smaller fish cooperated by resting quietly on the grass by the bank while I hauled in the other fish. Both got a photo’ed in the net and released thereafter. The other double was landed one/lost one.


The weights of the fish were 12.0 even, 10.2, 8.8, 7.6, and the rest were only counted and not weighed as they ran under 5 pounds. All Commons this time: 32 carp with 8 channel cats bringing the total fish count to 40 for the session.


During the morning hours the anglers starting arriving and several were hardware slingers looking to hookup with a Trout or Bass. Four of those stopped by after noticing the hot action I was having. Two were partly interested only because they could see the rod bending and fish fighting going on from across the lake and wanted to know about my catch. "Targeting Carp" I told them. They left and two others, a father and son, came by and were keenly interested. They asked about the fish, the tackle, rigs, reels, baits, techniques, everything. I had bite after bite going on and handed the son the flyrod with a fish on and minutes later the spinning rod as well and netted his fish. Big grins all around and I gave them web references and one of my Gamakatsu hook packs after showing them how sharp they were and the need for good quality hooks. I think I hooked them on Carp Angling! Both pairs of anglers mentioned seeing big fish cruising by where they were but no action. That gave me two new swims to investigate.

My swim produced fish right up to 1130 AM when I packed it in to go home. My enthusiasm to hit the waters left me a little unprepared food and beverage wise. One soda, one water, one power bar and one granola bar and some gum. By 1130AM after nearly 12 hours of non-stop action, I was getting famished and dehydrated from the hot and dry desert heat. Oh well food and drink take second place when the bite is on.

All in all a great non-stop action session, though no monsters were caught the quantity made up the diff for me this time.

The photos are in no particular order.










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Thanks, guys for the replies! It was a hoot. Now if I can start getting the BIG BOYS. I just stopped by the former fishing spot next to my shop and FED THE HEALTH out of some ducks and geese! I threw in several shredded loaves of 13-grain, sourdough and honeywheat bread prewetted to sink faster out of the fowls grasp. I'm going back there since it's closer and my best Mirrors (high 20 inches but no weight on them,yet) came from there.

kentlakecarper- Tooele is about 40 minutes from me to the northwest. Why do you ask? Is there a great carp spot there?

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