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Hit the new venue. Caught a real pretty 22 inch Channel Cat; golden with spots. Next a two pound Common. Then THREE IN A ROW decent fighting - never saw 'em hook straighteners! I changed hooks each time to bigger and different brand hooks. Stinks losing three hard pullers back to back. Then this full bellied Common with some major scale damage and healed skin with extra slime coating. The bite died soon there after.


Oh...I had a Bombadier Beetle come have breakfast with me. He munched on half a boilie while I had a banana and Pop Tarts with my Diet Dew. The little bugger really chowed down for a while then scampered off. When threatened, they raise their rear and fire acid (either ascetic or formic, can't recall) in defense. Nasty!


I retired ALL of my Lazer Sharp Eagle Claw Easy Bend Bargain hooks and purchased 2X strong, forged, Japanese hooks. Let's hope the hook issues are done.

Interesting -to me- side note: I fished one rod with dough bait wrapped on a hair rigged spring and the other rod on boilies. The doughballs out fished two to one in frequency of bites over the boilies. The other rod had ALL THREE big fish- hook straighteners taken on boilies. Slower bite much bigger fish.


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great fish!!!

i too had hook problems until i started using these hooks.


i did not have these hooks thrusday on the hooch and low and behold i had a hook pull out!! go figure!

again congrats on the fish!!!!!!!! B)B)B)B)

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I switched to the Venom Talons from Scorpion and have been very happy with them.

I read that the nasty stuff that comes out of the backend of those beatles is a two part mixture that actually heats up as it is expelled.

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