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Paul Pezalla

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For twenty years Harrison Advanced Rods

has been the technical leader in the

manufacture of rod blanks. They led the way

with overfit joints, 40 Ton carbon, 3k and 1k

fabrics, and today still lead with higher

modulus and lightweight carbons combined

with lower resin content.

They are one of the few companies that still

make rods and blanks in the UK because

they believe they can produce better fishing

rods in Liverpool than they could in China.

The guys who make the rods committed and

every person who is involved in making

Harrison Rods loves fishing.

Every year they produce new designs and

the Torrix and Trebuchet range of carp rods

are at the forefront of carbon technology, but

more importantly, they are designed and

made by the most experienced team in the

game. Classics like Chimera and Ballista are

still hard to beat for many applications.

Harrison Ballista 12' 3.5lb

Ballista is Harrison's most famous carp rod

and small changes over the years have kept

it state-of-the-art. Very slim with more action

in the butt than other Harrison rods, the

Ballista remains a very firm favorite for

fishing at distances up to around 100 yards. $259.99

HARBAL12-3.5 - More info here.

Harrison Chimera 12' 3.25lb and 3.5lb

Chimera has been the best selling Harrison

rod for some time. It introduced the two

weave concept to the carp market, which

both aids performance and looks. The

Chimera is a forgiving rod compared to

some on the market yet it casts as well as

many stiffer rods, but has the elasticity to

soak up any last lunges of a big fish close in.

The 12' 3 ½ is an awesome distance

machine that is not for everyone but the 3 ¼

offers the best of both worlds, a distance rod

that anyone can enjoy using. $289.99 - $296.99

HARCHI12-3.25/3.5 - See it here.

Harrison Torrix 12' 3.25lb & 3.5lb

The Torrix utilizes new tapers and new

materials to produce fantastic performance

at low diameter and weight. The butt and tip

utilize two different carbon fibres in the zero

axis to achieve low down casting power with

forgiving no lock-up characteristics in the

middle and tip. At ninety degrees is a ribcage

of super lightweight carbon which controls

the rod in compression. The butt of the rod is

given a surface ply of 1k carbon fabric which

strengthens the rod, improves hoop strength

and reduces torque. Most popular model is

the 12' 3 ¼ which will cast distance

effortlessly in real world conditions and has

produced close to 200yds on a casting field.

The 12' 3 ½ which can achieve those extra

few yards yet is still a very slim and light rod.

Its also the most reliable rod series we have

ever made. $335.99 - $341.99

HARTOR12-3.25/3.5 - More info.

Harrison Trebuchet

The Trebuchet is the rod that will outcast all-

comers. This is a rod that in the right hands

will cast over 200yds without wind

assistance. Average casters will produce

greater distance with Chimera and Torrix,

but Trebuchet rewards the best casters with

the ultimate distance. $441.99

HARTRE12 - See it here.

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