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Offerering a trip to "Lioness" lake Mexico

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I can offer the following gear and bait:

- Tent

- Stretcher

- Boat

- 3 x 3.5lb Willow Rods

- Net

- Sleeping bag

- boilies/particles

All you need to bring is:

- Terminal tackle

- Rodpod (bank sticks available)

- Alarms

- Reels

- Warm clothes for the nights/light clothes for daytime

- Sleeping bag

You need to fly to Monterrey Airport, from there I will pick you up. You can stay at my house and the next morning we leave for Lioness. It's an 8 hour drive with the boat.

Interested? :rolleyes:

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You TOKS participants are a lucky bunch by the way...

Mario - what's lucky about signing up for the TOKS thing? I've already got too many blankety blanks under my belt this month - if that's lucky!! :rolleyes:

Have a Grrrrrrrrreat time on the Lioness :yourock:



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A ver que pasa Miggy; There's lots of water coming in from the mountains at the moment. Water levels are rising rapidly, bank space is getting limited. But it looks like only two of us will be fishing.

Ignacio will be fishing the hotspot this time at the beginning of the tail and I'm moving more towards the main lake into deeper water where the daytime resting area is. It's a gamble, but it might pay off. I'm hoping to intercept the big ones before they move into the shallows. Wish me luck... :yourock:

Either way, I guess we'll learn a bit more again about the lake. I'm hoping to break 20kg, but I'll be happy with a couple of nice fish. It's been since may that I caught a carp... :rolleyes:

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