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Offerering a trip to "Lioness" lake Mexico

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Unfortunately I just received news that due to heavy workload Jose Luis can't join me for our next planned trip to Lioness Lake 9-13 April. Lioness Lake is the lake that so far has produced the biggest fish caught in Mexico: 37.5lb. About half of all fish caught here are over 30lb, all fish are mirrors. This lake has a proper chance of producing a 40 or even bigger. We'll be fishing on private terrain so no problems with local fishermen.

I'm offering a free ride to Lioness Lake including all the gear you need. You just have to get to Monterrey, Mexico. No license needed. The only costs involved are for bait and food. Let me know if anyone is interested in joining. Before I will check with the local guys, I thought it would be cool to offer this to you first. Call it a CAG perk if you will... :rolleyes:

You can either answer me here of in a PM.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys...



I would really like to go. If its not to late. Have a passport :yourock:

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I would really like to go. If its not to late. Have a passport :rolleyes:

I'm leaving next Monday. This year is pretty difficult (I have some visitors already planned with some additional requests) but if you want we can discuss it in Austin. :yourock:

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