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Now she needs a name...

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yall are killing me!!! i will NEVER buy anymore HIGH protien boilies! or at least i will have to wear rubber gloves when i handle them.

WAIT..............................it that why craig wears the blue gloves?

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i hate calling fish names but if you really had to name it, i would call it hugo. why? because hugo sanchez is surely the greatest mexican footballer ever. that carp is the greatest carp in mexico........at the moment!

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i hate calling fish names

I have double feelings about this as well. That's why I'm calling her NAMELESS.

That way we can all pretend I'm still fishing virgin waters and whenever she comes out again I can say she's fortunately still Nameless. :rolleyes:

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The carp with no name. Didn't the band called America have a song with that title.

"I been the the desert for a carp with no name. It felt good to be out of the rain"

Or maybe it was the title of one of Sergio Leone's "spagetti westerns".

I don't think you can do this without getting sued for copy right infringement of at least getting an F for plagerism.


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Guest phonebush


While I alway favor anything or anyone with the name "Wilhelmina" I still like "strawberry" (in Spanish). She just looks like a fish named Strawberry. Especially, that is, if it is indicative of the region in Mexico where she comes from. I would hope uninformed anglers would not think that was the "flavor" of bait she chose when she came to you. Maybe you should give her a three word name incorporating the letters Mexico's "HNV".

Phone (Bill)

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