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David Moore

Carp Angling World Championship - St Lawrence River September 2011

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Registered Pairs


Andrew Deeley / James Deeley

Marcus Tackley / Jeff Skerrat


Stewart McKenzie / Pat Kerwin

Larry Kirchner / TBD

Steve Ware / Eric Ames

Steve Bryant / John Jennings

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We've had a request from an experienced competitive angler from Wales who is living in the U.S. and is looking for a partner for the CAWC. If you'd like to be connected, please send us a PM.

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Hi, Everyone -

Our amazing webmaster has been working hard on updates to our website in anticipation of the CAWC. We're only 100 days away. Hope you enjoy seeing our new leaderboard, home page and translator option.

CARP Tournament Series

We're still accepting registrations, too. PM if you have any questions, please.

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The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino will be the venue for the awards ceremony on September 30th for the CAWC.

We promise an exciting evening courtesy of CARPTS and AMC. The casino is known for their warm hospitality and fun gaming with over 1600 slots, table games plus four restaurants and bars.

Check them out at Akwesasne Mohawk Casino

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I'm looking to maybe do some short written features on the CAWC contestants as part of my blog on WFN (World Fishing Network). My intentions are to help raise awareness of the tournament, carp angling as a sport in general, and the passion you all share for it. If any teams would like to be highlighted, please forward your background info to : shampine10@gmail.com.

Where is your team from?

How far are you travelling to get to the tournament?

How long have you been fishing carp?

Have you fished the St. Lawrence River before?

Any fishing accolades?

Thoughts on the tournament?

Thoughts on carp fishing in general?

Any other info you'd like to share?


Deanna aka stlawrencerivergal

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