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Here is the CAG Mirror Record for NC at 33 lbs 10ozs caught on K-1 Baits Juicy Tutti Frutti Corn by Colin Peters. This was the first of the record breaking brace and the common weighed in at 34 lbs exactly. This also fell for the same bait and rig on the same spot. Huge Congratulations Col on a massive achievement :)



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Thanks for all your great comments :)

Well I only managed two more fish - a twenty, a teen and a few hook pulls.

Anyway I'm going back tomorrow for another 4 days lol .... I know there's bigger there than what I caught.

Good luck Colin! Wish I was there :D

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colin. lovely job and congrats. hope you get a few more and maybe one or two even bigger!

just want to ask if they stocked mirrors in there. the tail looks like it might of been damaged in a net years ago .i'm sure a lot of the dutch fin cutting rumours were down to this years ago. also, i had just the one occasion when my braid did something like that but i was using a peice of leadcore too short.

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very nice fish colin, especially that mirror. congrats on the records. one day i hope to catch fish like that, lol :)

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