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Guest Len

2010 South Idaho Fly Fishing for Carp Tourney

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Guest Len

Alright so I've been lurking around here for quite a while and haven't had much to say so haven't posted much. I've really become interested in fly fishing for carp and greatly appreciate all of the information that has been shared here. So I thought I'd share this report.

On Sunday May 16 a buddy and I entered the third annual South Idaho Fly Fishing for Carp Tourney. The tournament was held on the Snake River. You could essentially fish anywhere on the river as long as you could get back for the 4PM check in. There were approximately 20 anglers teamed up in two person teams. All fish were measured for length and girth with photo evidence required for the fish to count. Only fair hooked fish counted. All fish were returned to the water none the worse for wear.

Conditions were a little tough. Beautiful sunshine, and warm temperatures, which have been lacking lately, but the wind was blowing between 10 and 20 mph with higher gusts. Between the wind and the carp starting to spawn the water was pretty murky.

In total there were 21 fish caught for the day by all participants.

The best part is that we won as a team with a total of 7 fish. My partner won overall with 4 and I came in second with 3.

Even though I have never had any contact with them other than reading their posts on the boards and reading their blogs I have to give props to Mr. P and John Montana. They have provided a great deal of information and insight about fly fishing for carp in the PNW. Every carp caught by the winning team was caught on the carrot flies I tied last winter from the info they provided. I'd share my winnings but there aren't any. :)


This is my PB 34 1/2" long and 24" around and only one eye.



I also caught my first mirror.


The winning technique was essentially wet wading up to within a rod length or less to a feeding carp and dropping the fly right in front of their nose. Sometimes you could tell there was a take, sometimes you just guessed. The fish were not particularly spooky you just had to find the ones that were feeding.

Overall it was a great time. Just so you know this was basically a just for fun tourney. There wasn't any entry fee. There were prizes though.

My partner won this as the overall winner.


There were also raffle prizes for all other participants thanks to Roger and Dave, who organized the whole thing.

That's it, sorry for the long post.

Tight lines,


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How about the recipe for the carrot fly? Do you use Ranch dressing as a dip? :)

Edit: I found Mr. P's blog with the info. To all who fish with the skinny stick, thanks for the stories and photos.

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Guest RIkev

although i don't fly-fish for carp, watching them feed at rod's length away is always a magical moment. nice write-up.

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Len, congratulations on your success and thanks for the props.

You caught Carp on the fly, they liked the Carp Carrot, you wrote the story; heck, I'd call that "sharing your winnings" any day. :)

Cool Mirror by the way.

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I clicked on this thread with the full belief that I was going to read a story about a carp tourney where you get a spot along the bank of a lake, chum and then try to fish that location (like most of the Euro style tournaments). This actually put a smile on my face. I like that the tournament was for a trophy and bragging rights instead of a lot of money with the rules that I read. While I have thought of fishing carp tournaments as a fly fisher the drawing of a location and being pegged to that one location isn't the way that I fish. Since I don't chum and bring the fish to me I have to hunt them. If something like this was offered in my area, I would be there.

Congrats on some nice fish caught and some fantastic memories. Maybe I am wrong, but I think John has that carp carrot in the sticky at the top of the section on Carp flies. If you don't John, it would be a good one to add to that thread.


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