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I finally got my computers up and running so I pulled my ATC numbers to see what we are looking at. Keep in mind- These numbers are from the same weekend, from the same month over the last 3 years. They are not meant to represent the lake as a whole, but to provide a snapshot into what is happening, at least at that time of the year.



Total Fish-.....133.......139......103

Total Weight-..2811......2586.....2270

Average Size-..21.14.....18.6.....22.04

I don't know if you can derive anything in particular out of this, but there are the numbers. I know a few weeks ago there was some discussion about the state of the lake and whatnot, but this would probably the best look at statistics.

Twist them however you like.


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Guest phonebush


I wonder if you could put up the record winning total weight since the beginning of the tournament?

It's OK if you name the anglers (again).

ATC is what it is. Our most productive Southwest tournament put on by Texas and supported by CAG members. I never miss a chance to thank the guys in Texas for this event. Thanks


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And here's me thinking I was out of the S-West? :) JK Bill -- but, S-Central is a bit more accurate;)

Interesting figures -- but not really much to go on. Of the 3 years, this year had most anglers, least fish and lowest total weight - with the average being a tad better than 08. It would be very cool to see the figures since the ATC started :D

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