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International Carp Fishing Association Records For The U-S-A

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Starting in January -

ICFA-USA information

(This will be changinging - it's a temp site for early release and beta testing)

So any of you fishing the FFF want to make some 2011 entries. B) We will keep records both annually and perpetually for commons, mirrors and koi.

This is a stand alone from the CAG records. We still encourage everyone to enter those. We offer CAG members a $5 discount for their records in support of CAG.

More info will follow on ICFA membership, etc. after the first of the year.

Wishing Happy Holidays and a great 2011 to everyone from CTS.

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We had a question about the records for annual record holders-

If someone submits a record in April of 20lbs, then an angler submits a 25lbs carp in July the previous holder would get bumped. Then if in September a 30lbs carp was submitted the 25lbs would in turn get bumped, but all three would qualify to be a record holder for that year. All 3 would qualify for a listing on the leaderboard, coin and certificate.

If any records submitted exceed a record on the pertual list that record will also be bumped.

Submissions are not held until the end of the year the are updates on an ongoing basis.


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Here is the ICFA-USA press release announcing Mihai Aciu's awesome capture in Austin. Mihai has submitted the first-ever record which is eligible for entry at the end of the year in the ICFA's official records. Congratulations, Mihai - groundbreaking for the United States to be recognized in the global carp angling community this way. :yourock:


Mihai Aciu of Chicago, one of America’s leading carp anglers, has recorded a 39 lb. 14 oz. Texas carp with the International Carp Fishing Association – USA. The Romania-native captured the common carp on Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin in late March. 2011 is the inaugural year for keeping American records for the Europe-based ICFA, and the Texas record is the first for ICFA-USA.

The International Carp Fishing Association is headquartered in London, England and is under the direction of well-known British carp angler Rob Hughes. Hughes founded ICFA in 2004 with a trusted like-thinking group of world-class carp anglers from across the globe. That assemblage of anglers formed the association’s executive representatives which includes Oklahoman David Moore who represents the United States. The not-for-profit organization’s mission is to support and promote catch-and-release fishing for the common carp around the world.

In an effort to expand ICFA’s world-wide record keeping for the common carp beyond Europe, ICFA-USA was created. ICFA-USA will submit American records for each State to the ICFA’s centralized official records at the end of each year.

“Having our first U.S. official ICFA record on the books is tremendously significant for carp fishing in America”, says David Moore. “While carp fishing around the world is considered a primary outdoor sport, we’ve known the American carp angling scene has plenty of potential. Now that we’ll have American anglers credited for their accomplishments in a global arena, a new door has opened. We’re thrilled that Mihai Aciu is the first to step through that door and make him eligible for global recognition.”

“Mihai is a skilled angler who is well-respected among his peers. He fishes competitively around the U.S. and has won several big-money tournaments with his fishing partner Bogdan Bucur. The pair will be competing in the elite Carp Angling World Championship on the St. Lawrence River in September.”

About ICFA-USA and detailed American records can be viewed on the ICFA-USA website www.internationalcarpfishingassociation.com

# # #

The International Carp Fishing Association (ICFA) is a Europe-based organization comprised of dedicated carp anglers who support and promote carp angling on a global basis. Carp fishing is one of the most popular disciplines of freshwater angling in the world. ICFA’s mission is to protect and support the sport for the future.

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Hey guys,

The reason why I fish is not to break records for as Tim Paisley says, "records are meant to be broken" (something like??) and plus I'm not the type of person to submit my catches for recognition but recently I submitted my catch of +45 lbs to the ICFA to make it official and I'm glad I did :) .

Not only because I'm on google as a result of this :D ... :lol: (search "Mike Kim carp") but because I'm now official :D . And I received this very cool ICFA coin to boot. To be honest, I didn't think much of the coin at first but after receiving it and seeing it in the flesh, I'm very impressed by the quality of the design and craftsmanship to say the least.

Here's ugly old me proudly displaying the symbol which represents my catch for the camera :D


Front and back of the coin.



Finally a couple pics of my catch. Big thanks to KingCarp (Bob) for retouching the first pic :) . As for the 2nd one, the black and white is my doing....I know I'm not an artist like Bob so take it easy on me.

Well anyways, until next time. Tight lines all.

Oh and PS....I've recently discovered a true gem in carp fishing which everyone knew about except me :o :o . I can't believe that the writings of Chris Yates were hidden from me all these years...if you don't know him, look him up. You won't be disappointed....I know I wasn't. IMO, every carp angler should be required to read his writings...it's unlike anything else out there.

On a side note.....I will now be trying to emulate Chris Yates' style of angling :D:D



Edited by barbelfloat

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Congrats Mike.... and agreed on Chris Yates, the man's a legend! :)

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For an exceptional fish like the one from Barbelfloat, ok, I can see the point... But otherwise, $25 per individual submission? Yeah, well, maybe not... rolleyes.gif

Just as a reminder... Submissions to CAG records are entirely free! wink.gif

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Congratulations to Iain Sorrell for entering his 43 lb. 04 oz. St. Lawrence common into the New York record books for the International Carp Fishing - USA. Iain captured this amazing fish on June 11th while visiting the St. Lawrence Experience near Waddington NY.

ICFA - USA state records will be sent to the International Carp Fishing Association in London at the end of each year for recognition and consideration to qualify among the ICFA's official worldwide records.

Excellent fish, Iain!!!

Edited by stlawrencevalleygirl

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