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**10Th Annual Austin Team Championship**


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10th Annual Austin Team Championship March 24-26, 2011

Come join us in Austin, Texas on the shores of Lady Bird Lake (formally Town Lake) on March 25th and 26th for the 10th Annual Austin Team Championship. The ATC is a 2 person team event where anglers get to compete against other CAG members from 6am to 7pm each day to catch carp. Team with biggest total weight wins. The corn boil will be Thursday evening at the host hotel. We will be doing a raffle as well, so bring plenty of cash! ;)

Registration is $175 per team and includes 1 t-shirt for each team member as well as dinner for each team at the awards dinner. Additional dinners for your guests can be purchased for $20 but need advance notice.

The host hotel has moved again. It is a beautiful hotel located just north of the Wyndham on the I35 access road and has an onsite bar and cafe. Here are the available rooms and rates. There are no 4 bed suites, the Deluxe Double is probably going to be the standard room but it is your choice which room you wish to get. Please mention that you are with the Carp Anglers Group when booking and mention which room/rate you are choosing. The rates are good for the three nights but I am sure you can work out arrangements if you plan to stay longer. Please try and book your room as soon as possible. There are many conventions in town that weekend and most hotels are booking very quickly.

The Casulo Hotel


DS for $96 Deluxe Single (1 King Bed)

DD for $102 Deluxe Double (2 Double Beds)

PD for $120 Petite Double (2 Double Beds)

BS for $158 Balcony Suite (1 King Bed)

JS for $169 Jacuzzi Suite (1 King Bed)

As always you are welcome to choose your own lodging but the majority of us will be staying at the host hotel and that is also the location of the peg draw and corn boil. The award dinner location is still up in the air but we could possibly have it there as well.

Texas Fishing Licenses

• are required; you may purchase them by phone at (800)895-4248. Or online at: http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/

• Licenses are also sold at Wal-Mart, Academy, and other sporting goods stores.

• If you would like to fish prior to the tournament we can recommend areas that will be permitted. Austin Lake has a campground (Emma Long) and it is a very similar type of venue (see rules).

A few new rule changes this year. You will not be required to bring a scale and have it verified. The Marshalls will have their own scales that are calibrated to each other. This will remove the error of reading scales and the 1% variances previously allowed. Also only Marshalls will allowed to verify fish weights. Opposing teams will no longer be allowed to verify and enter weights on the score cards.


• No pre-fishing in Town Lake from Sunday through the start of the event. Anyone seen not complying with this will disqualify his or her team from the competition and the entry fee will not be refunded. All participants are allowed to plumb and research the lake; this includes the use of SMART CASTS.

• All of the city park rules must be observed.

• Only Cyprinus Carpio count for total weight and big fish (no buffalo, grass carp, Old tires, tennis shoes etc.)

• ONCE AGAIN, a special award for the biggest Buffalo (any variety) will be presented.

• Each two-person team may fish anywhere within half the distance of opposing team pegs, including pegs on the other side of the lake (you must however be in the same COUNTY).

• Each team must have 1 net that provides a safe way to land fish. Nylon knotted nets will not be allowed.

• Each team must have a well-padded unhooking mat and weigh sling.

• 6 rods per team.

• One hook per rod and no treble hooks or any multi-pronged hooks allowed.

• Fish must be weighed and then verified by only a steward. Please return fish to the water promptly, after taking your photo(s). Only one fish per sack, if necessary.

• Boats will not be allowed during the event.

• If a fish is hooked before the competition ends there will be a 15-minute extension time limit allowed to land the fish.

• Any foul hooked fish will not count; all captures must be hooked in the mouth area.

• You must be a CAG member to participate in the ATC -


Feed Stores:

Buck Moore Feed Supply

5237 N Lamar Blvd

Austin, TX 78751

(512) 451-3469

Callahan's General Store

501 US Highway 183 S

Austin, TX 78741

(512) 385-3452

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