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5Th Annual Michigan Curry/fundraiser/gear Swap/membership Drive

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Hello All,

What an amazing day today for the Michigan Scene. With the horrible weather that we got pounded with today including an ice storm followed by more than 5 inches of snow thus far our guys and gals still made this event our best ever :)

We had 24 folks in attendance.

After socializing from 10am-12ish we set our calendar of events for 2011 with 6 official Fish-ins. To be posted on our calendar soon. :)

Then after a bit of discussion about numerous topics we jumped right into the raffle fundraiser. I can't thank everyone enough for contributing to our best ever raffle. All in all we had 70 raffle items including many set of 3 rods, alarms, sets of top quality knives, 2 chartered fishing trips and much much more!!

We raised a record $1464 for our local scene and with the money we bought 17 CAG memberships ($425 for CAG :) ) for those that signed up and the rest of the money goes into our events, programs and prizes for the year including a Gold Carp pin for the biggest fish caught during all of our official calendar events. B)

We also helped CAG raise $127 from sales of CAG merchandise :)

I'm proud of each and everyone of my fellow Michiganders. You guys and gals rock!!

Hope to have pics up in a few days.

I'd also like to Thank Resistance Tackle for sending out a package of goodies for this event. You rock!!

I'd also like to thank The Lil Dipper owner Richard for his extremely generous raffle items and all the Yummy Bakery goodies he brought.

After all business was wrapped up we feasted on plates full of a special Tikka Masala Curry and cheesy Nan Bread (thanks Kev for the Nan) and washed it down with some fine beverages. We also had Jets Pizza for the youngins and Don :lol:

And then we had dessert....yummy chocolate cake and cannolies :)

See you all on the banks April 2nd for our season opener at Lake Erie.

Thank you,

Andy Sprinkle

CAG President

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I had a great time Andy! Thanks again for you and Nikki for setting this up! I always enjoy spending time with some of the greatest people I know!

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andy and nikki thanks a great time was had by all! eaven little mattie was passing out tickets at the end to help out! this event starts off the year for and we all enjoy seeing your friends again after so many months of winter! and the food! nikkies cheesse roll is always the best! and of course the curry! i love curry! nikki always lets me take some home afterwards!and the raffle lots and lots of cool stuff! and lots of people buying tickets ! it was a great time ! thanks to all the folks who sent stuff in worked on or just showed up ! thanks! see you all on the bank!

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Always great to see everyone and catch up, I think every one walled away with a great prize. Thanks to Andy and Nikki for letting us use your house again for this and the great food.

I'm so proud of your group and just how it keeps growing and getting better and better each year.






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Thanks so much every one including andy and nikki i had a great time with the raffle and just talking and seeing everyone again! The food was great especially the curry! Im looking foward to the seaoson opener at erie now!

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dave you were sure missed last night!kev im haveing a prob. too! sent andy a pm about it already.glad to know its not just me!it was good to see you again!

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i was haveing the same problem then austin send a pm to andy and he said he need to enter our name and emails in to it, i am a member now since he did that

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I had an awesome time! Love to see all the Michigan clan after a long winter. And meeting up with some newbies. Before to long we will need a bigger basement!

Thanks again to everybody that donated, it shows how much we care about our Michigan group!

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Hey guys, just checked the mail today as our mail lady was late in delivering yesterday. I opened up a package with a whole bunch of the new Korda DVD and some Big Carp tackle Decals. I'll bring these and distribute them during our season opener here in a few weeks at Erie.

Thank You Big Carp Tackle and Dave!!

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Awesome time guys! Sure was fun, and the tradition of this event continues on!

Thanks so much Andy and Nikki for the hospitality which was second to none. Thanks for the delicious Jets pizza.

To everyone, it was great to catch up, and I'll see you suckas at ERIE!!

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A few more pics :)

The Chocolate cake..yummy!!


Some of the Raffle items:


Richard proudly wearing his blessed Carp "good luck charm". Carp Gods Guaranteed a 30lber to the angler who possess the item this year :D


Some of the guys and gals during one of the raffles:


My Lil girl Maddie having a blast with the aftermath of the raffle :lol:


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