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Delaware Has A New Cag Annual Record


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Franklin and I don't do a lot of fishing in DE as bank space is so limited or the current is too swift at most of the places we fish here.

However, last Wednesday as we didn't have a lot of time we cut our travel time and fished about 9 miles from my abode.

I didn't have a run, let alone banking anything. Which as most of you know by now isn't unusual for me. :(

Although Franklin only landed two, he did manage to land a new CAG Annual State Record for Delaware.

So, according to the recently passed rules, I hereby submit this picture of our new Delaware CAG state record as witnessed by me on April 13th from the Misspilion River. It put up quite a fight. For a while, as we are close to the Delaware Bay, it occured to us that it might a lost blue fish. But, no, it was a very common Delaware common carp.


Oh, I forgot. It weighed in at FOUR pounds and THREE ounces. Thinking it might grow a bit for another record later in the year, he returned it unharmed back into the Misspilion River.

Gosh darn, doesn't he look proud???


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