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Frenemies ... 24 April


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Easter started out by me walking into Mickey D's only to find the line clear to the door and only one cashier working. Went to the drive thru and placed an immediate order. Pulled forward only to find 5 cars in front of me. I was not a happy camper eating semi luke warm pancakes in the mall lot. As you can see MY day was not off to great start. :(

On to the swim. We had lines in the water in short order. I think it was Franklin who told the first lie. But, I'm sure I might have stretched the truth about something. Well, not SURE, but maybe I did.;)

It took a bit over an hour to land the first carp. In the meantime Franklin had a hook up and lost it in short order. I had hold of one a tad longer, but he put the purple hex on me and I lost it.

The one I did put on the bank first weighed in at 20.5 and the fight was worth the wait.


About an hour later, another carp in the 13 lb range took my piece of crab corn.


Out next, mine, (boy it is fun typing that), went 19 lb.


About 20 minutes later Franklin started his run. (You KNEW he would. Right?)



As he put the last one on the bank, I KNEW he would tie me, even though I had a three fish lead. Some days you are the windshield and some days you are the bug.


Earlier I posted the following picture and asked why it pi$ed me off and guesses as to what it weighed.


Next is a picture you don't see very often. The reason is my back and problems lifting. However, I told myself that I would sit and lift any 30+.

Now what do you think it weighs?


First, for those in my previous post who said they heard Franklin laughing in the background. SHAME ON YOU of so little faith in my carping skills. :hammerhead:

As soon as it came out of the water we knew it was over 30#. I took the picture on the mat and then handed the camera to Franklin, who was unfamiliar with my phone. While he was fiddling, it didn't pi$ me off it pi$ed on me. And I mean it really cut loose. :angry:

Then we weighed it and it went 29.0. That is when I really got pi$$ed as I was wet AND stinky for no reason.

We are going back tomorrow. I WILL get a 30 out of there.


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Rachel, here are two shots of a sportsbrella in the two position it can be used.

the first is in the wind blocking position. There is a wing on both sides, but I only had one down.


The next is in the shade position. The pole is substantial and can be driven into pretty hard ground.


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You and Franklin are truly Great Entertainers! The fish have no other choice bet to come by and check out the show. The one that you were holding was so Entertained and Excited that it PISSED all over YOU!!!!! ~8:lol: At any rate, a Great Session and a Sincere Congrats to you both!!!



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