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4 Years, Thousands Of Miles, Finally 30Lber On Euro Gear!


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I started fishing for carp well before I ever found CAG in 2006. Always in pursuit of whatever I could catch. After finding CAG I was able to refine some methods and really grow as a carper. In May 2007 I caught my PB at 33.5lbs on a Walmart baitcast combo, eagle claw hook and sweetcorn on a hair. Shortly after I would begin buying carp specific gear in hopes of catching more. While my average fish size went up and I caught countless fish between 25lbs and 29lbs 15oz that next 30 has eluded me.

Fast forward 4 years, thousands of dollars, countless miles, 7 or 8 states, and countless hours on the bank, meeting many great anglers and better people and it has happened again, finally.

I work 50 hours a week in a downtown office and I always long for a 5 day trip on a lake. It is a luxury I rarely get as I use my vacation time for a trip to Baldwinsville and I scatter in 3 day weekends for some medium fishing trips. Well I finally decided that I would dip into my vacation time and go for some prespawn beasts.

I won't document the whole trip, as I think Zoomie may be doing it himself, but needless to say even the best laid plans can go awry.

We were boating in with the help of Rod Mills and Dave Moore. The spot had been picked well in advance and baited. Nature decided we needed a curveball and flooded the spots and we had to improvise.

We got started a day late due to nasty weather. The first full day was rainy with wind. That night I found a possum decided he wanted to join me in the bivvy. Zoomie thinks the possum was feeling very amorous. I will neither confirm or deny the possum had Marvin Gaye on blast. I ran the curious tree rat out of the bivvy into what appeared to be daylight. It was actually just the moon casting shadows.

The second day we got bait in the water and waited. Again wind to our face the whole time. Around 4am on the 3rd day I lost a fish at the net. It was clear after hearing all the crashing the previous night that the fish would be in from midnight to early morning and that's when we should be ready.

Now near the end of day 3 there are still no fish for any of us. The only consolation being the great bankside company of Rod Mills, Dave Moore, Tim Creque and John Sabol. Plus we got a good marker rod lesson from Dave that sped up our learning curve.

Now it is about 4am Tuesday morning and we depart around noon. It I now that John lands a fully scaled mirror around 23lbs 8oz. A few hours later I awaken to a run. Turns out to be a 14lb give or take common. Needless to say I was not amused. After a quick rebait I was quickly in to another fish. This one took the 3.5 rod to its max bend. After a short fight we had it netted. I knew it was big, but was certain it was 27 to 29lbs as had been my luck.

As Rod Mills held the scale I saw the dial go to 31lbs 15oz. To say I was overjoyed would be an understatement.

The fish came on K-1 Mulberry corn and a piece of Big Belly Baits fake corn and R&W Red Peach grits.

After a few pictures we slipped the fish back to the water and had time to relax.

A very solid trip with my deepest thanks to Rod, Dave, Tim and John. We will be back at that lake again.

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haha I was just going to complain about no picture, well done on a stunning capture, my friend has a similiar story a couple of weeks ago, It had been over 4 1/2 years and no 30+ until 2 weekends ago he landed a stunning 31-14 :yourock:

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Mucho cool story,,,,

Mucho Cooler Fish !!

well done dude,,,,,,,,the first 30 is the best fish ever!!!!!well I think it is,,,that is until :P the first 40

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great catch Brad. Took me a few days to recover from that trip. Without a doubt the most challenging adventure I've been on since I started fishing for Carp. Learned that 6 months of planning and way more money than I care to admit and you just cant control the weather. Just glad we all got out safe, and believe me it was close!

I need John's shipping address to send you your alarms you left in my boat.

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Oh yeah. We got stupid-loose.

What this trip lacked in cooperative carp and tolerable weather, it made up for in sophmorish humor,laughter, and comraderie.

A huge thank you to our hosts.

First to Tim, who worked his butt off to coordinate this extravaganza. I know you were stressed about ensuring that everyone was happy with their spots. You are the master, sir. If there is a carper who is capable of planning a trip any better, I have yet to meet them.

Rod, for promising to get us in and out safely in spite of the fact that we had to get out a few days early. And yes, I well well clear on the fact that to ask for future boat ride would be madness and confirmation of how small my brain really is.

Also, my wife absolutely ADORED the thank-you gift that you sent to her for the cookies. Looks like you have now been added to the list of people who get their own personal batch of chocolate chip cookies bankside for life. I am not even on that list ! lol

Dave, for all you shared and taught. We learned some really cool things. In addition, for allowing us to dig through all of your personal gear. If anything was missing, Brad stole it.

I was all but certain that you really were evil and Hades bent on world carp domination. Thank you so much for comfirming all of this for me. We will definitely see you in the fall at a place of your choosing.

Brad, I think that I was even happier to see that fish than you were. We have spent well over 1000 hours together on the bank. Probably more like 2000. I know how hard you have worked for that fish. We have laughed a lot on the bank and cried ourselves to sleep more than once. Here's hoping that the next one comes with a lot less pain.

Let's start with this weekend, shall we?

Mountain Top!

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a couple more pics:

Here is Brad, still laughing at my oratory regarding Rod's not so nice suggestion to me to get the net.


Let's how big we can really make Brad's fish look.


Brad excercising his photographic prowess by making my fish look as small as possible. A personal thank you for telling me to yank my nose strip prior to the pic.


A couple of thoughtless bass hacks driving their flippin boat right through my swim. Oh wait, that's Rod and Brad.


Tart Shot.


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Guest phonebush


Without being specific what region of the planet did this outing take place? Looks and sounds like you guys really did beat the odds. I have fished with Dave no fewer than a thousand times (maybe 20). I've never seen a fish landed while he was present or really even in the same state.


If that's your best pose I believe you should stick with being netboy. Nice fish though.


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