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I have been extremely frustrated the past few weeks at blanking every weekend...it sucks when you havent caught a fish since October! However, my friends told me it will happen and to keep at it, so I heeded a few tips and decided I would take a break from studying and fish today.

The plan was to fish solo, with Damion (DGuy) joining me later in the morning. He has also been on a horrid blank streak and wanted to shake the skunk bad.

At the moment...i still dont have words to describe today. This session was probably the best session Ive ever had as a carper, in terms of what it meant to me personally. it was the culmination of my 5 years of chasing these wonderful fish...I finally shattered my 3 year standing PB with my first 30+! I also got my first mirror in 5 years (2nd mirror ever!), and I ended a horrible blank streak that had me on the verge of completely giving up, on a lake that has a reputation for kicking your ass and being totally unpredictable...Damion also managed to break an equally long blank streak that had been plaguing him.

I learned a lot today, and I also saw I have a lot more to learn. I lost some fish due to carelessness, and I will make sure that will never happen again. Most of all, I realized why I love this sport so much...

Enough, I will leave you to the pictures. I caught 10 fish today (which the lake manager said is a record haul for this lake), going 34-15, 28-0, 24-8, 21-0, 20-3, 17-8, 24-11 mirror, 25-3, 17-1, and 23-11. Damion's fish went 20 even. I apologize in advance for the pics...my flash decided not to work today...














Damion's 20





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Well your patience finally paid off. Congrats on a great session and PB. Worth the wait I assume????

Hell I would of gladly blanked a couple more months if i knew I had a session like this coming!

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