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First 40! 42Lbs 2Oz

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After a few slow days of fishing this past weekend I got a belated birthday present, my first 40! Before this monster hit I had missed my first 3 or 4 fish and I was getting frustrated, then at around 6:00am I had a screaming run on one of my sweet corn rigs. When I took the rod out of the pod the line got wrapped around the indicator so I spent the first 20 seconds of the fight trying to untangle the mess as the fish was ripping drag. Luckily I untangled it and after a 15 minute battle the fish was in the net. The fish wasn't that long for a 40 at 39", but it was unbelievably fat with a girth of almost 32", 42lbs 2oz. After a few quick pics I got her back in the water and she took off. What a fish! This was the first fish I've ever caught that weighed over 40lbs...one I'll never forget.






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Yo Matt, Congrats again buddy. I'll never forget, as this was the heaviest carp I have seen until this morning. It is funny, how much bigger it looked, after netting it.

I am due for a 30+, had it with those 20+ slim male fighters. I want the fat chick :P

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That was some fish! Well Done to say the Least! CONGRATS!!


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