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Nasty Weather = Great Carp Fishing

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Me and my friend Teo were planning carp fishing trip to the Land of a Big Carp this weekend.

Everyday in past week weather forecast showed the weekend will be not to pleasure to go out and do some fishing.

Rain, cold, over 20 mph wind what else we needed to have a great carp fishing day :)

We had no doubts we want to go fishing this weekend, we had no doubts we want to go again to the Land of a Big Carp to Green Bay area in Wisconsin.

Day started very lucky for me, because I ... overslept and only Text message from Teo woke me up and that was the one of the Best Thing what happened to me today, another one happened latter this day (see details later ;)).


We went on the bank around 8 am, we set our camp (gazebo and bivvy), and after 20 min lines went to the water.

Morning was rainy and cold, wind just started to picking up and blowing faster towards us. We realized lots of debris were floating in the river by our bank, but wind pushed them to the shore and did not bother us at all.

Honestly, I was so sceptically if we can catch anything today, but this water in the area never disappointed me, so I hoped we have good day.

And yes it was a hell great day for both of us !!!

First Teo started catch one after another fish. many of them were over 20 lbs.

I hope he will post more pictures later today (he had more on his camera).

The biggest one for Teo was this great 28 lbs 10 oz common carp:


Teo had a blast today, He had run every 15-30 min :)

So lets come back to the Teo's text message who woke me up in the morning after I almost overslept (sorry but taxi driving is very exhausted profession).

Why this text was the most important thing yesterday ?? If he did not text me in the morning I probably could not wake up, if I could not wake up I will not go fishing, if I will not fishing I could not...

...beat my PERSONAL BEST yesterday !!!

Yes, yes, yes... my new Personal Best carp was caught yesterday...and that was this beautiful, great Lake Michigan Mirror Carp at 32 lbs 10 oz


That was amazing feeling when this monster starting to pull out my line from the reel so far and I could not stop it !!!

Took me long time to bring fish closer to shore and I saw it that was a mirror, closer to shore and my heart were beating faster, when was in net I was very excited, when my friends told me weight scale showed 32 lbs 10 oz I was the most happiest angler in Wisconsin this day !!!

Grits pack plus 16 mm sweet corn pop-up from World Classic Baits were the bait for this great mirror.




And great picture of mine and Teo fish what we caught at one time (there was one more carp caught by Mike the same time):


We had another great day up north in Wisconsin.

Nasty weather but fantastic carp fishing session.

Thanks Teo and Mike for great company, food, drink, conversation and carping :)

See You soon,

my Wisconsin carp fishing quest just started and is not over yet :)

Best Regards


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Despite the nasty weather, I had great time with you guys, the best so far this year for sure :)

I did lose count of the fish we caught. All I know is when I closed my eyes the night after, I could still hear my Delkim receiver and see that blue light that went off eveytime we started a story :D

I was catching the fish on bottom bait. The winner was WCB 4Season flavored jumbo corn with grits pack. There is something special about this flavor is cool waters :)

Larry H and I will be going there tomorrow for more hauling :) I hope that we add more nice stuff to this report :)

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Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to you both!


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