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Sw Missouri, Se Kansas, Nw Arkansas

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roll call who is still fishin this area???? fred? phone? dean o????

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Guest phonebush


Dean-O is limited to Topeka/Lawrence

Fishin Fred has dropped off the map? I tried him at home 3 or 4 times last couple years. (he had serious serious heart issues)

SWMO, may be able to fish SGF area a little but is in VERY poor health. C

Phone is somewhat restricted from driving more than about 10 mi and can't fish alone any longer.

Haven't talked to Dave Polifka (KS chair) for quite a while. Might PM him. (they still have a weekend core of 5 - 6 guys who fish together)

Haven't talked to baitboat Charlie in a year.

The STL guys were always "up" for a SW MO event?


pretty slim pickins.

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We have a group of 3-4 here in Bville OK and take our kids out to local areas starting here pretty quick. Copan, Hulah & Birch are all great for kids with loads of action. If NE Oklahoma comes in to play for you come and join us

Wayne K has also disappeared after moving to Grand Lake?

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Dave and I been talking North / central AR for Next year, maybe this year if we can find time. From Greer's ferry up to Bull Shoals / Mountain Home. I've always wanted to fish those area's and it's withing driving range for me. (Less than 4 hrs)

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If there is a CAGI this year maybe we try something over that way?

bull shoals was where we had a couple cagi,s and everyone caught the 1st year....2nd year not as much,

bull shoals water is very very high all over right now

would love to see a wing ding with a good showing, thought about Chanute Ks city lake as it allows overnight fishing

has a camp ground and great bank space,

fish run large... average mid teens and up,

due to fish feeders on the lake and a grain feed mill dumping into a ditch that runs into the lake.

fished it a couple times in the fall.... did wel, numbers and size..... might be a great early summer spot for a fish in

what ever happend to Doug Reed and all those St Louis guys????

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