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David Moore

Carp Angling World Championship - St Lawrence River September 2011

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Just had a call from Ray Scott(Founder of BASS) today and he is really excited about being on the banks with carp anglers from around the world in September for the CAWC.

Pairs are starting to firm plans to be there. We are around 60 committed($ sent in) and another 80 pairs working on it.

I'll be back on the St Lawrence end of July early August to start firming up pegs. So we should have that about 95% firmed up end of August on the website. I'll go through it all again prior to the event mid-September.

A couple of questions we've had so far are-

One question is there are 7 pegs missing in Ogdensburg. We have 7+ pegs in the area we are just waiting on the OK to use some of them.

Boats is also another issue-

Boats cannot be used in any form of fishing the event. They will be permitted to use for transportation purposes ONLY. All fish finder /depth finders must be removed from any boat used for this purpose. Boats may be checked by marshals.

Anyone needing to order Nash items will need to finalize that very quickly. Due to logistics we'll be shipping that in July to arrive in NY prior to the event.

CAWC Leaderboard

We have a great crew of Marshals(many CAG members) on board.

St. Lawrence County is doing a great job on their end getting everything set up to welcome all the anglers in the town of Waddington, NY(HQ) and all along the St Lawrence corridor(Ogdensburg, NY to Massena, NY.)

Kathy and I are looking forward to seeing everyone in September.

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Ray Scott Bass Retreat

In the mail today was a large packet from Ray Scott Outdoors which included some goodies for the CAWC. Among them is his personal prize offer for the CAWC first-place pair which is a 3-night, 2-day fishing trip to the Ray Scott Trophy Bass Retreat near Montgomery, Alabama. Ray's lake was named the "Best Bass Lake" in America by Outdoor Life magazine. This package has a value of $3,500!!! He's planning on being at the awards ceremonies so he can hand this prize over in person!!!

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We've had inquiries about corn for the CAWC.

Here are two options -

Agway, Ogdensburg – Sally 315-393-0245 (she’ll ask for a credit card to hold the order)

Tractor Supply, Massena – Jeff 315-764-4071 (is planning on ordering a couple pallets, but will take a list of anglers)

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The inlaws are looking at buying a house on the beach road on the river could I get my peg in their backyard lol.....

I wish I could make this tourney ;)

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