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Damn Cornmuskies!

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It’s not often where you can meet someone for the first time and feel like you’ve known them for 20 years….but yet that’s exactly how it felt when Mike and I met and fished with Ethan and Steve from CT. When Ethan (elcapitanmas) invited me to come up and stay at his place in Chaumont, NY and fish the Larry and Chaumont Bay, I knew I could not pass this up! So after making a few phone calls, the plan was set. Mike (mikeb210) and I would make the 12 hr journey to upstate NY to fish the fabled St Lawrence with Ethan and his buddy Steve (Capt Ahab). Little did we know we were in for a wicked awesome Memorial Day weekend full of laughter, good food, and surprises. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard…it was freakin insane how much fun we all had

After arriving at Chaumont around 7:30 PM on Friday, Mike and I went straight to Ethan’s parent’s house on the Chaumont Bay. Ethan and Steve would arrive around 1:30 AM, so we decided to cast out some rods and enjoy the evening until they arrived. The rain chased us inside around midnight, but we watched the rods from the porch. Unfortunately, we did not hear a beep all night. Ethan pulled up to the house around 2 AM, muttering and complaining about how Steve slept through the entire drive as they plowed through a massive storm the size of the country! After unloading the truck, we went and prebaited our swim on the Larry with a 5gal bucket full of particles. We came back to the house at 3 AM and crashed.

The next morning we went out and set up shop. I saw my rod tip bouncing and set the hook, and played an absolute gorgeous fish to the bank. It shattered my old PB by several…inches!

My PB goby that came on a snowman rig.


We continued to fish, telling stories and jokes, listening to the ridiculous banter of passerbys telling us that “carp are digusting”, that “you’re supposed to kill all dem yellers”, and “they only eat trash, like tin cans”. We saw some cornmuskies, but didn’t garner a bite all afternoon. Maybe we should of hair rigged a tin can…

In the afternoon, we saw something truly bizarre…floating mats of reeds moving down the Larry out of the inlet. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that SEAL Team Six was carrying out a secret amphibious assault against Canada. God bless the USA!

Steve and the float mat…if you look carefully you can see the SEAL Team Six sniper.


We moved back to the house and set up shop to fish the bay. We broke out the canoe and with Capt Ahab at the helm, prebaited and put out some buoy markers. We also arranged the dock to create a platform for our pods. I love it when a plan is formulated and then carried out! After the rods were set, we cracked a few cold ones and destroyed a delicious baked ziti that Ethan’s mom had left us. Man was that good!!! Ethan and Steve put out some catfish rods. The bait of choice were KittyNuggets….mashed shrimp and canned tuna in Fox Armamesh. After Steve miffed his first two chances at a kittykat, Ethan got a nice 14lb channel. Unfortunately, the fish was dropped in the water before a pic could be taken.





The next morning, after tangling with some corn’skis, I stepped onto the dock and saw a bunch of little gobbers and perch. I grabbed a spool of line, and tied on a hook and a Gulp smelt, and handlined in a few perch and gobbers!



A rare pic of a cornmuskie


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We packed up and got back to the river around 10. Around noon, we decided to have a Panfish popoff…but with one rule…you must create your own fishing rod! I created a state of the art panfish rod, incorporating the worlds most sensitive spring bobber. Ethan added guides and a ‘reel’ to his. Steve just grabbed a stick…:lol:





We walked over to the dock and started to nail the gobbers! It truly was a sight to see…3 guys slaying the fish on handmade rods, hooting and hollering, while a bunch of onlookers stared at us like we were crazy. Yeah…we had about 10 grand in carp gear on the bank and were catching fish on sticks LOL. We were having so much fun that we didn’t realize Mike has an elusive run in with the elusive maizellunge.



The maizellunge


I decided to try and establish contact with Mars by sticking my rods straight up in the air. I am glad to inform everyone there is life out there. I broadcasted a Korda video for them to watch, but apparently they are not Fairbrass fans, and have now vowed to destroy earth in an attempt to obliterate everything Korda. Oops.


Ethan trying to rectify my botched communications attempt.


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After fishing, we stopped by for dinner at a local Clayton restaurant, the Koffe Kove, where I had a BBQ sammich covered in gravy…it was delicious! We shared more stories and laughed even more. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in years

We went back to the house and setup again. Around 2:30 AM, my right rod took off screaming. I just kept sleeping. However, Steve luckily woke up. He walked down to the rod, and realized that holy carp, we have a run! He ran back to woke me up, but by then it was too late. The run itself probably last like 2 minutes. When I got to the rod, I had over 250yds of line in the water! But no fish. Time to get the TXi and receiver! I am still pissed I slept thru a run…

In the morning, we were visited by the cornmuskies, and after that decided to move to a campground on the other side of the bay that looked extremely carpy. We got there, erected camp, and got to fishing. We decided to have another panfish popoff with handmade rods, and this time got into some chunky rock bass. I also got a 2lb smallie on my rod. There were some folks watching us and they said it was better than TV.






At night, we tried chasing some salmoneyes that were busting alewives, but that didnt work out. We enjoyed some steaks and Nathan’s hot dogs, and watched the stars. The next morning we were visited by the corn muskies again. Mike was cut off 5 times and I was cut off also.


We moved camp to another campsite and tried fishing deeper water. We didn’t have luck there either, however we came upon LEECH heaven! We handpicked about 3 lbs of plump leeches for use for walleye fishin! It was leech carnivale under some of those rocks haha!





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Before I knew it…it was time to leave. I was very sad to be leaving such a beautiful place…but I will be back sure as hell. Brothas Ethan, Mike, and Steve…cant wait to fish with you guys again! Hopefully I can make it back up there this fall!



I may have forgotten somethings, but I cant remember right now…so much happened. Ethan will have the video

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You guys kept a great sense of humor and fun while going through carp-less days, if I understand well. One has to admire that. Pretty cool.

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Guest phonebush


GREAT PICS !! Ohh, but Pleeezzzee! Accidently dropped back in the water before we could get a pic. The only keeper of the trip. I wish I had a dime for every time I told that story. I was grinning from ear to ear looking at the pics with all that gear. You guys could have started a used tackle shop.

But alas - - - - - are you saying the buglemouth bass won the day? Boys zero? I bet not. They have no idea how quickly you would be back on the chase if you could.

This thread is what carp fishing is all about.


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This thread is what carp fishing is all about.

Exactly :) Where else would someone drive 12 hrs, and still have the time of their life through horribly slow fishing?

Carp are a great sport fish, but the people of CAG are even better.

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Well, Santosh - both you and Mike have told me what a great time you had . The photo's explain why!

And - Er, dare I ask - what exactly IS a Cornmuskie? (remember, I'm just a poor Brit)

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And - Er, dare I ask - what exactly IS a Cornmuskie? (remember, I'm just a poor Brit)

It's a fish that picks up your hookbait and then leaves you with a shredded hooklink! Witty creatures they are!

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