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Kingston, The Locals, Friends And A Osprey Nest.

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My 1st long session trip since JAN 1st’s FFF.

As everybody well know, the flooding here in the Memphis area was severe and pretty much made fishing impossible. So I had to wait for the kids summer vacation and my dear wife’s idea to go visit her parents in Kingston for a week so that I can get some carping done.

Now if you know my wife, you’ll know that she don’t make a suggestion like that just coz she feels like it, she did it for her husband that clearly showed severe symptoms of CDD (Carp Deficit Disorder).


My In-Laws is NOT her 1st choice of spending her vacation so to say “Thank You Dear” I got her a new iPad2 ……

It all started with a 6 hour drive to Kingston. Arrived about 6 PM on Friday evening, unpacked, drank a fresh cup of coffee my Father-in-Law made. Now it was time for business…. I started sorting and getting my fishing stuff ready for an early morning.

I headed out to the well know Kingston I-40 bridge spot. This time I decided I’ll fish the gravel “pier” , an area not normally fished by the carpers. Based on the Lake map, I’ll be much closer to the deeper water and the main channel.


I loaded the rigs with my new “Spicy Chilly” boilies with grits pack on the lead, using my home made creamed corn with a kick.

With the lines in the water I started to spod a half bucket of Crushed corn & pellets.

Sun was just starting to show and I kicked back on my chair with a cup of coffee.

First run at 10am and after that it stayed busy for the rest of the day.

I’ve never had any “official US PB’s” , Always fished alone and never bothered to weigh my catches. I know I’ve caught some nice, at least 25 lb commons, but never scaled them, so I can’t claim them.

It was never about the size but the catch itself. In 2007 I started weighing and recording my catches. To no surprise to me, I could not find a carp more than 15lbs, no matter what or where I go, even Kingston did not want to be nice to me.

I sat with a “US” 15lb 3oz Common PB till Jan 1 2011 when I got my new PB, 17lb 8oz, No Mirror, 18lb 14oz Buff.

First fish 10 AM

13lb 15oz



MY FIRST US MIRROR!!!! 10lb 4oz


Brad popped in to say hallo and try his luck under the bridge for a couple hours.

Bunch of 10 – 17lb fish till 18:00. Here's a couple pics.


Charlie (Spoon) arrived to come say hi late afternoon, and just in time when the bite was ON. He helped me net a couple in between the chatting.

19:00 I get another run AND CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! ANOTHER Kingston Mirror, Two in ONE day!!

Upped my mirror PB with a sweet little 11lb 6oz’s


John Bramley and family pulled in to say hi, they were fishing the Steam plant side at the park for the day.

Shortly after that another nice run and a new Common PB

17lb 12oz


About 2PM this afternoon some local boys walked over and asked if I’m still gonna be a while since they want to fish under the Highway 70 bridge and they don’t want to “park me in” since it was a narrow point. I informed them that I plan to be a while and that’s when I got a run….I landed a nice little 14lb 11oz common and they asked me what exactly I fish for.

I explained what I do and why I do it, I explained “how” I do it. They asked what’s up with the “BIG 4 signs on my Tripod, I explained how the Big 4 system works and the reason for the sign. They looked at each other with skepticism in their eyes you can spot a mile away.

They told me they also fish just for fun and release all the catfish they catch, they wished me luck and walked off to their spot about 20 yards behind me.

I noticed every time I get a fish, I had their full attention and they shout “How much?”, I’ll reply with the weight. After about 3 hours of catching one fish after another, and my new friends not even getting a bite, the gentleman walked over again and asked “Excuse me sir, would you please explain this whole thing to u do to us again?, we’ve been sitting there watching you catch fish after fish and we got none”

This time they actually paid attention and even wanted to know where they can learn more about this carp stuff. I gave them the CAG info and back to their truck they go.

Just before they got ready to leave they walked over again and asked me what time I’ll be back in the morning and if I mind them come join me to learn a little more………………..and so another carp angler was born…..

The rest of the week continued to be very productive, but no fish bigger than 17lbs.

Regardless of the lack of 20+ fish, I’m more than happy with catching more than 100 lbs of fish per day.

Total fish for the trip 746lbs !!! Not bad for Kingston over 4 ½ days.

I think I’m cured from my CDD and can return to Memphis to search for that elusive Mississippi River Monster.

Thanks to my wonderful wife for giving up her vacation so that I could fish. Thanks to Brad, Charlie and John Bramley for stopping by to say hallo.


I’m back in Memphis and tomorrow morning I’m heading out to see if I can get a line in the water yet over at the Great Mississippi !!! Maybe mother nature saved the big one for my home waters….

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