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Frenemies .. Day 5 In Ny


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The subject says it is day 5, but I'm writing this in day 6.

We are supposed to be at Dog Park fishing, but I'm simply physically wore out. I guess old age is for the youngsters. This old man is simply too pooped to pop, let along fish. :( So, for those who we were supposed to fish with and didn't, please accept my apology. I didn't know how to reach you. Franklin is being a good sport and fishing Oneida in our back yard. Knowing him he will do well.

Anyway, back to day 5 report.

I put 4 on the bank while watching Franklin, fishing with only one pole at times, put a respectable 15 on the mat.

I want to give a big thanks to Tom, a local we met, who also put a good number on the mat and who did a GREAT job of netting for myself and Franklin. If I remember correctly his largest was 25+.


I didn't catch many but I was happy with my 24+.


Let me rephrase that, I was happy with my 24 until it was time for us to go. We were beginning to pack up when I had a run. Shortly into my run, Franklin also began fighting one. Tom came down and netted mine, while Franklin held his just off bank. Mine looked good, until we put Franklins on the mat.

Some days it just doesn't pay to compete with Franklin. Well not some days, MOST days, in fact.

So, without further ado, here is Franklins 30.5.


This will be my final report, unless Franklin lands something special in our backyard. I going to spend the rest of the day beginning my promised article for a NACA. I may post a bit about Bill, but that may wait a bit.

I'm pooped. But really enjoyed the trip so far.


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That would explain why you are not here next to carphd on the bank! He finished all his work yesterday and was going to be netman again today for you....waiting patiently and training the rowers how to lift their oars today. ~8

I wouldnt have been able to get down til 430-500 today anyway, may still go but now my day can only go downhill I was looking forward to more bank time with the frenemies in NY!

Careful, we may just hunt you down and fish your NY homebase. :D

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